Google Featured Snippet: What it is and how to leave your site in position 0

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Have you noticed that in some searches performed in Google, you see a box with some of the content you’re looking for?

This result is called the featured snippet , also known as “zero position” of Google, and generally displays recipes, tutorials, tables, detailed settings etc.

featured snippet google

The example is the snippet paragraph , which has a piece of content in full, in paragraph format. In addition, there are also snippets list and table .

The idea of ​​featured snippets is to respond to user search directly without he need to visit a page. Thus, the seeker can achieve one of its main objectives: to optimize the experience of those doing research.

How to get in Google’s zero position

Unlike what many analysts believe it is not necessary to be first to occupy the featured Google snippet. On the contrary, studies have identified sites present in the eighth search page showing the result to zero.

Thus, it is clear that achieving this position improves rankeamento site and generated traffic because the page is highlighted above all the other sites, showing a piece of content.

As much in terms of Google, there is a formula to reach the zero position. But it is known to work with content that provide objective answers on certain questions, as well as tutorials, can help.

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