Good Email Marketing Trends and Trends: Check out the tips from Carly Brantz at Studio RD Summit

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If you know what is Email Marketing , it is likely to also have heard people say that this channel is dying. The expert Carly Brantz, the SendGrid , however, does not think so.

“Despite all the claims that the email is dying, it will be replaced by another channel, it remains strong, and this is due to the fact of bringing a ROI greater than any other marketing channel, he says.

She points out that, compared to other channels, such as social networks , Email Marketing is 40 times more effective in customer acquisition. But more to worry about the end of the email, Carly Brantz believes that the most important is to send relevant emails and segment your list.

Now users expect emails made especially for them. If you send an email that appears to have no value or good content, you lose the return that email can generate.

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Carly Brantz also talked about:

  • Tips for creating emails relevant to your audience;
  • How not stop at box spam sender;
  • Why the idea that email marketing does not work is false;
  • Using newsletters .