Go Tech One Success Case: How to Increase Sales with a High-Performance Hosting

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In Minas Gerais, in a town with 5000 inhabitants, a shop receives 500 prospects daily. Want to know how? With the internet, of course!

Meet Success Case that tells the story of Marcinei José Felipe and Go Tech One , and learn more about the transforming power of the internet has increased the company ‘s sales and attracted customers from all over Brazil.

The Conflict

Go Tech opts for web hosting Hostinger

Web designer and graphic designer by training, Marcinei already working with technology and was aware of the importance of having a website for your company, located in Presidente Bernardes – MG. “These days a website is something essential,” says the entrepreneur.

The Go Tech One is a company engaged in the service offering of smartphones, tablets, notebooks and desktop as well as also working with parts and accessories.

To create a successful website, the designer who has had basic knowledge in digital marketing, especially for already work in the area of ​​technology, but we chose to improve more.

The solution he sought was to increase the opportunities to display, promote and sell the services of Go Tech One to a wider audience and increase your sales consecutively.

For the designer, one of the characteristics that influence when choosing a hosting company is stability and was searching for the best web hosting sites who found Hostinger.

The Go Tech One opted for the Premium hosting plan that offers a robust infrastructure to create a fast, high-performance site.

The solutionGo Tech One reaches customers throughout Brazil

With the free site migration of Hostinger, Go Tech One began its successful journey with Hostinger and significantly increased its sales, especially in the technology sector, which is the focus of the company as stated Marcinei.

Infrastructure allowed the company to reach customers throughout Brazil and now receives an average of 500 visits per day.

Also in the Back-end and Front-end Development functions, Marcinei account that you use SEO techniques on your website to improve your ranking in search engines and increase its visibility.

Another factor that influences the SEO is the SSL Certificate . “Because it is an online store was key for us, and Hostinger offers the same at a good price and also easy to set up, it was a very good point,” he says.

The feature was installed in Store Go Tech One, which sells products and performs the exchange of financial information such as bank details and credit card. SSL encrypts the information and keeps confidential.

As for the support and care received, Marcinei account that was always very well attended in all it took, in an interview by e-mail.

As a developer and entrepreneur, Marcinei ends: if the hosting is unstable, the site also will be if it to the site too, if support is weak can make even greater problems. In short, a good hosting is key. “

ConclusionHow to increase your sales through a website

A website is the ideal choice to expand your business and increase profits with your business. Without geographical and a low financial investment limits, you can take your brand to anywhere in the world with the right technology.

If you already have a website and are looking for more speed and quality of services, request your free migration and join the 29 million Hostinger users around the world.

But it is in its infancy and want to create a site now meet our hosting plans and rely on self-installing WordPress , CMS world’s most famous.