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Lead generation is the beginning of Inbound Marketing strategy with traffic generation tactics to attract visitors and educational materials to convert those visitors into Leads. Thus, using techniques such as marketing automation, it is made management and nutrition of these generated Leads to turn them into customers.

1. Lead Generation with eBooks

eBooks are one of the most classic offerings to generate Leads and is the kind of rich content to more use here at Digital results. It’s a format that worked and is still working very well and all have published more than 100.

The eBook advantage is that allows you to delve into particular subject and explore it at a level that probably would not do in a blog post, for example.

To produce it, a strategy that we have used is to plan the contents of the eBook and break it into several posts and then string them together and diagram in the format of the material, as explained in this post .

An eBook is also good content to be made in Co-Marketing with another company because that way the efforts are divided and it is possible to write a more complete and in – depth content. We talk more about this in the eBook on Co-Marketing .

Examples of eBooks Digital Results:

  • eBook 10 examples of companies that have grown up with Digital Marketing
  • eBook Introduction to Marketing on Facebook
  • eBook The Email Marketing Guide
  • eBook Definitive Guide Lead Generation
  • eBook Marketing Automation from theory to practice
  • eBook Landing Pages in practice .

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2. Webinars

Webinar is a format also widespread for content production and generation of Leads. The use of voice (and occasionally to the image), the webinars end up having a more personal touch closer the prospect of the company.

Interestingly, the webinar has a relatively low cost, since only with a computer and a microphone it is possible to perform a recording – remembering, of course, that the production has enough to pass a better image of the company but mantê- simple it does not lose effectiveness.

Another important point is that the webinar can be recorded or live. In the event that live there is the advantage that, for you to make a commitment to accomplish this webinar, you must be on scheduled day and time, avoiding procrastination and if you choose to record the webinar, he will continue to generate Leads to over time.

Examples of the Digital webinars results:

  • Webinar Landing Pages optimization in practice
  • Webinar Lead Scoring: the secret of RD to triple sales with the same number of Leads
  • Webinar I generated Leads, Now What?
  • Webinar How is a Digital Marketing Planning
  • Webinar Methodology RD Growth Machine

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3. Templates

Templates are basically models ready to be used in any context, such as spreadsheets, presentations or anything that facilitates particular job .

Some examples we have created and brought much result were the contents of schedule , the eBook templates , made in partnership with SOAP.

The templates work well to generate quality Leads on account of their highly practical appeal. Therefore, this kind of material must be self-explanatory or have an instructional content.

Most companies build a series of templates for your own internal processes and forget that your prospects can have the same needs.

By sharing creative ideas that you use to improve your day to day, you gain authority helping other companies and can still generate many Leads.

Examples of templates of Digital Results:

  • Content Management Worksheet
  • Marketing Automation spreadsheet
  • Templates eBook Customizable
  • Digital Marketing Monthly Report Template
  • Template Digital Marketing Planning Framework

4. Tools

The tools go beyond the templates and help your potential customers to solve more complex problems that only one template could not.

It can either be a part of their own solution as something totally new. In the case of being a part of your solution, the tools also have an important role in advancing the Lead in the buying process, they give a ‘taste’ of how the work would be better with a complete solution.

A good example is the tool Hopper Digital Marketing , in partnership with the Contentools. For both creative, the tool gives a sense of what potential customers could exploit best in your marketing.

To build tools you normally need a programmer, and so it is a more feasible option for technology companies. However, it is quite hard copy tools and so regardless of its segment, can be a very good way to differentiate.

Examples of Digital tools Results:

  • Diagnostic Marketing and Sales
  • Benchmarking the Sales Funnel
  • The FantásticoGerador Personas
  • Purchase Journey generator
  • Test Calculator A / B
  • Diagnosis of CAC

5. Whitepaper

The whitepaper is a little-used format. It is not as thorough as an eBook – is soon produced with less effort – and is enough for people to accept change your contact for the content in question.

Think of whitepapers as more extensive posts. Long and dense enough to be worth not to publish on the blog, but small to be called eBooks.

Note that if your company invests in AdWords and today only has direct conversion offers (such as budget request, contact, etc.), create a whitepaper and direct of the traffic there is probably the fastest action you can do to increase generation Leads keeping the same investment.

Earlier in our strategy Content Marketing , we created some whitepapers to generate Leads. The strategy worked well, however, with the passage of time, we saw the need to improve the content and white papers were all transformed into eBooks.

Want to know more 18 kinds of baits?

Download the eBook here 28 types of offer to generate Leads

6. Research and studies

Research and studies are also quite common formats and common in certain markets. For a long time, we got used to seeing them in magazines and other media, but we know that this kind of publication is not always possible and often does not exploit the potential it has this material.

Digital Marketing in the context it is considerably easier, and any company can do a search on a particular subject and publish it.

An example of research that has been published recently is the Digital Marketing for technology companies , made in a partnership with Rock Content.

Examples of research at Digital Results:

  • Overview of Digital Agencies 2017
  • EduTrends: Marketing panorama at Marketplace Education
  • TechTrends: Benchmark tools for technology companies

7. Infographics

Infographics are great materials to generate value for its audience. Are visual representations of your content, mixing text and image, which makes this kind of very dynamic content.

It may seem difficult at first, but create an infographic today requires no longer a high technical level and you can do even for free with the help of some tools, just having the right information and some design ideas.

Many companies create graphics and available for free on the blog. This type of promotion is also valid, especially if you put at the end of post code to other blogs share the infographic and generate backlinks to your website.

However, an infographic can also be a very effective strategy to generate Leads. Here at Digital Results already we use infographics these two forms, both blogposts as to generate Leads.

Examples of the Digital infographics results:

  • Infographic Apprenticeships Silicon Valley
  • Infographic Turn into a results Agency
  • Infographic The potential of videos to market Education

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8. content Series

Have you thought about creating a series of content and focus everything on a Landing Page? This is a great way of generating Leads for deals of this kind are quite rich.

Results in Digital, already explored this format sometimes. Basically in two ways: videos and courses by email.

Video Series

It is no longer news that videos are increasingly easy formats to be produced and often achieve excellent results. What many people do not know is that videos are great content to generate Leads.

Produce video content today is not only a file up on YouTube or Facebook. You can enjoy the visual to create rich content such as a video series, for example.

It is true that share the videos directly on the platforms can generate a much greater range than promote them through a Landing Page. However, the opposite can generate more business opportunities for your company.

Remember that everything depends on the format. A short video is probably not a material rich enough for you to promote it through a Landing Page, in which case it is better to climb directly on the platforms. Already a denser video lesson, longer interview or a series with several videos on a given subject can be brought together in a rich material and used as baits to generate Leads.

Examples of series of videos of the Digital Results:

Courses by email

This is another very rich format content for both Leads and for the company itself.

For Leads is very useful because they will get content in an order that facilitates learning. For the company it is interesting because it is possible to analyze how is the engagement of Leads, which are being fed and which are giving up halfway.

Create courses by mail is a relatively simple task. The key is to create all the content and plan a logical sequence that makes sense to the persona. Made it, just create a marketing automation flow for the Leads receive emails in that order.

Examples of results Digital content series

9. Quiz

Quiz is a format that generates enough engagement with Leads. It is relatively easy to do if you use the right tool and depending on how it is formatted, it can deliver enough value to the end.

It is worth mentioning that this type of content usually has a high potential for virality, when the quiz encourages the user to share their results.

Examples of the Digital quizes results:

10. Kits

The kits are formats that, in our tests, had a very good acceptance.

We’ve done here in Digital results two types of kits:

  • Collection of different materials on a subject or a public / specific segment;
  • Two materials in different formats on the same subject.

On the first, it is to pick up materials that were already exist and already released on other occasions and assemble them into a format of “kit of that issue” or “kit of this subject for beginners / decision makers / entrepreneurs “.

There are several possible combinations and the most interesting is that it has a low cost of production. As the materials are ready, you only need to prepare the launch, making the Landing Page, Thank You Page, email, images etc.

In the second case, the idea is to produce two or more content on a particular topic and toss them together in kit format. For example, in Test Kit A / B , we produce an eBook on the subject and a tool ( test calculator A / B ) and launched them together as a single material.

Examples kits Digital Results:

  • Kit Digital Marketing for Beginners
  • Kit Digital Marketing Advanced
  • Kit Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Kit Generating Qualified Leads
  • Kit Production content: Theory and Practice


There is a plethora of other formats of content for lead generation. Our idea was to explore some of those who have used and brought us satisfactory results.

For more ideas of materials and formats  for free download our eBook 28 types of offer to generate Leads .

important Notes

The baits already help a lot, but to maximize the results, it is important to remember three things:

  1. The first is that we need to create good Landing Pages : providing security to the visitor that the data will not be misused and show that the fact that content is worth are essential for the conversion rate is high.
  2. The other item that should be remembered is that not only generate Leads. In Inbound Marketing , you need to keep the relationship with the potential customer until it is ready for purchase.
  3. Finally, one is required alignment between the areas of Marketing and Sales . As Sales Leads needs that are generated in greater quantity and quality possible, marketing needs that Leads are not “spameados” or addressed improperly.

You can use the visit this link .