From Search for Information to Continuous Relationship: What Inbound Can Do for Your Business

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“Most Internet users prefer search engines to find local products,” says an article in eMarketer , renowned digital marketing consultancy based in New York and London.

Given the traditional brands like Mercedes-Benz, the playful Spotify, the iconic General Electric and McDonald’s insatiable, among other emblematic symbols of excellence in business, the company claims that this trend has increased year by year.

Leaving behind reliable sources such as family, friends, online videos and classic newspapers and magazines, are search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! receiving all the time hundreds of thousands of people hungry for information, content and solutions to their personal and professional problems.

In this context, whether or not there does not seem option, but must. And is that only a site, fanpage on Facebook and Twitter profile with information on products, services and company history are enough to compete for the attention of these potential customers? Certainly not.

Although a well thought out website and presence in key digital social media (in which transit potential business customers) are necessary, you also need strategy.

Automata the authors of their own history

The television viewer – who once watched a passive content programming schedule chosen by a third and displayed according to the sender’s criteria – adopts an entirely different attitude toward the monitors and screens of computers and devices connected to the internet.

What to see, how to see and when to see more decisions are not delegated to others, but taken by those in charge of keyboards, mice and touchscreens seeking information it deems relevant to your life and have a multitude of potential virtual destinations.

And so that companies can stand out in those moments, baptized by Google ZMOT , there is a set of techniques that help search engines understand what the business websites that are publishing the most relevant content to users.

This set of techniques gives the name of search engine optimization (or SEO, in Portuguese, optimization for search engines).

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Meddling to attraction

lead generation

From the perspective of Inbound Marketing , developed and popularized with the movement created by the active search of internet information, not enough to attract potential customers to the contact points that make up the digital presence of the company, notably the site.

It is also necessary to think what to do with the flow of people looking for information and content – directly and indirectly related to the business which is online.

Not to let the full autonomy to do business with us exclusively on the customer’s hands, it is necessary to convert it from anonymous visitors to identified Lead, with calls to action (or Call-to-Action ) to take him to make a record when you want a unique material that we have – as an eBook or access to a webinar .

Thus we assume, as companies active role in influencing the decision to purchase the future client, helping to create in him the conviction necessary to conduct business with us.

educational and informational content: the soul of Inbound

This process is accomplished through content, which is the fuel defendant at all stages of the buying journey of future customers – from learning and discovery to the purchase decision, through recognition of the problem and consideration of the solution.

And for that last happen to us you need an excellent working relationship, delivering relevant information and thought content according to the time that the potential customer is and profile that it presents.

With online platforms automation flows in which they were included and also website pages visited by him.

So mingle, creating opportunities, the information left for them in the conversion times (when you signed up) with the behaviors that take after identifying as Leads.

This gives companies investing in Digital Marketing able to know when a potential customer is prepared to a business contact – or ideally, wait for it, voluntarily and spontaneously, perform orders with us as a result of planning and an assertive execution and adjusted.

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