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Learn How often to post on Social Networks

There are several aspects you should consider if you want to communicate your suggestions to your audience so effectively . In addition to organizing your Social Media strategy and resort to advertising on Facebook , it is very important that you know how often you should share your content on each site. That’s the thing you need to get your message achieve impact your audience effectively . So today I will share with you the guide frequencies to publish on social networks . Do not forget to save this post in favorites !

Guide to Social Media Frequency: how many posts per day you post on social networks?

First of all and as you know, every social network has its own characteristics, related to the concept proposed by users as media . Thus, these qualities printed dynamics of different interaction , which should be taken into account when formulating your calendar Social Media . Consider these differences will allow you to better focus your efforts on communication and favor the reach of your message . That said, let ‘s see what are the best frequencies to post on social networks .

How many times a day you post on Social Networks

Best frequencies to post on Facebook

In recent years there have been numerous updates Facebook , ranging from Postcron you carefully follow the pace. For that reason, in terms of frequency of publication , we recommend:

  • Post on Facebook at most 4 times a day , or 20 to 30 times a week .  

In effect before the latest updates from Facebook, when there was a smaller temporal distance between postings the number of interactions (Like, Share) receiving each had a decrease . However, today the new organic ranges built by the Social Network have changed that situation and that today marks should publish more times per day to reach their audiences (if it must be valuable content for users) .

How often post on Social Networks

Recommended frequencies for publishing on Twitter

For its part , the Social Network microblogging , with its characteristic timing in real time, supports a somewhat higher frequency of daily publications. As we explained in our guide to using Twitter , the bulk of traffic to the site comes from mobile devices , which is why the members of this platform can be active at any time of day . Therefore, we recommend:

  • Post on Twitter six times a day , or more .


The table below illustrates this point. Here you can see what the frequency of re-publications ideal for Twitter, ie, how often should you return to share the same tweet in hours, days, weeks and months. As you can see, this Social Network supports a rather high frequency.

How often do you post on social networks?

How often do you post on LinkedIn?

In terms of publishing on social networks , LinkedIn is requiring greater discretion : a post daily during the working week days is the best way to reach your audience . Along with this, the same research revealed that 20 monthly publications allow you to reach the 60% of users who follow your updates. So I recommend:

  • LinkedIn Post once each day , from Monday to Friday .


Please note that LinkedIn is a social network created for professionals , and therefore the pace of activity should correspond to the industries, offices and other work areas. Click on the links below to learn more about this social network and how to optimize your profile on it.

What is the frequency for publication in Social Networks

How many times a day you post on Pinterest

Contrary to what happens with LinkedIn, Pinterest it is best to post 5 times a day, or even more . In this network it was demonstrated that the more times a brand publishes pins per day, the greater the growth of its audience. That’s why I suggest:

  • Post on Pinterest between 5 and 30 times a day .


As you can see, the frequency suggested to post in this Social Network is very high. To achieve satisfy without having to be online all day, I recommend scheduling pins beforehand, to be published automatically when you decide. That way you will save time and at the same time you will increase the chances of reaching your audience on Pinterest .

How often post on Social Networks

The best frequency for posting on Google+ and benefit your SEO

At the time of posting on social networks , Google+ is important because it helps you position your content from the point of view SEO . To do this requires a particular balance. On the one hand, it has been shown that the more you share updates on this network, more traffic you get . But at the same time, several studies warn that everything depends largely on the types of audiences and niches of the question in each case. Therefore, I advise:

  • Post on Google+ one maximum of 3 times a day .

How can you meet the recommended frequencies for publishing on social networks?

I know: have multiple accounts on social networks and meet the suggested frequencies to reach your audience can become somewhat chaotic . But there are two tools you can use to organize and lighten your work in Social Media . One is to use a content template for Social Media . Basically, it is a form that allows you to prearrange all your publications in each of your channels , so you can sort your work and better measure the effectiveness of your efforts in Social Networks .

Click on the image to download your Template Content for Social Media customizable

Frequencies ideal for publishing on Social Networks

The other tool I advise you to enter your routines is extensions for Social Media handiest you’ll find. It allows you to program publications on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest while browsing . That way you optimize the use of your time online and you make sure you keep all your accounts up to date . Useful, do not you think?

If you follow the frequencies suggested in this post to post on social networks , you multiply the chances of reaching your audience through different channels you use. Using a Template Content for Social Media and Postcron to Chrome you can organize and energize your Social Media strategy , to begin a stage of productivity .

Did you like this article? What are the Social Networks you use to present your proposals? Tell us your experience! And please remember to share this blog post with your contacts. See you soon!😉