[Free guide] 7 Points that you must cover in the first meeting with your new client

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You have already signed the contract and everyone is ready to start working.

This is the beginning of a new and excellent relationship that can be very productive. But you’ve done this before and know that this feeling of excitement so you’ve got you can create a lot of stress. Maybe you can not communicate with the client for weeks because you’re on vacation, or perhaps expects you start working on something that was not in the contract. The customer relationship can be confusing and frustrating before you get to post the first bill.

During the first 90 days you are going to create the tone of your relationship, and if you and your company want to retain this customer, then you have to prepare and develop a startup process (onboarding) to prove that you are the right agency for them.

<< We recommend this free manual to guide the process during those first meetings with your new customer >> 

One of the most important steps in this process is the first meeting. In this, you can communicate with shareholders or workers the most important pair project that everyone is aligned. This will help you create a marketing plan, define a list of priorities and reaffirm the objectives that will be covered and those not during this process.

This meeting will understand the strengths, weaknesses and opportunities presented by your client, and you can use to develop a strategic marketing plan that includes:

  • The specific objectives of business
  • Competitive analysis
  • A review of the marketing efforts and results of previous
  • The buyer persons
  • Setting a qualified sales opportunity for marketing and sales
  • Establish benchmarks
  • Leading indicators (KPIs) that you measure monthly, semi-annually and annually
  • A detailed marketing strategy including inbound services, time and resources devoted to each activity and specific objectives

This document will be the basis of your work for at least the next 3 months, so I prepare it well.

You can download this guide where you will find more detailed information in your initial process with your new client  and start with confidence to achieve extraordinary results.

Elements 7 cover in your first meeting with your new customer

1. Introduction

Each of those attending the meeting should introduce and explain their work. The team includes both your agency and your client, so it’s much better if everyone knows. In addition, this will give you an idea of ​​the experience of everyone who can help you when you have to create content. The goal is to build a good relationship and rapport in your team of collaborators.

2) Objectives

Surely you’ve heard some of the goals of your client during the sales process. But now it’s time to create SMART goals. To create them, you can download this guide .

  • S – Specific (specific English)
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Achievable
  • R – Relevant
  • T – Limited Time

3) Planning

From the established goals, you can start creating tactics to achieve these goals.

Examples of objectives:

  • X attract visits per month
  • Increase the conversion ratio visit to lead (lead) in X
  • Convert X visits leads
  • Increase the conversion ratio lead to customer X
  • X clients get inbound marketing

Plans for achieving the objectives:

  • Increase the frequency of publication of the blog
  • Develop ebooks or templates for the beginning of the funnel (TOFU)
  • Make tests A / B in the CTAs (CTAs) for ebooks
  • Use emails to nurture leads effectively
  • Develop a scoring system leads to identify the best opportunities

No need to think a comprehensive plan at the first meeting, but you can start creating some tactics to help customers solve high-priority targets as soon as possible.

4) Challenges

Part of the challenges or challenges will be a starting point to understand what they need to improve or develop a little more. For example, if they have to increase organic traffic, we have to implement is a better keyword strategy. But do not worry about not having all the information at this first meeting, you’ll be refining this point with the following meetings.

With this information you can begin to develop a gafica with everything you discuss or find out to apply when developing inbound strategy.

5) Time

Once you have finished with the objectives and challenges you will have to identify high priority points for your team to start implementing immediately. For example, if the client has a large list of leads but do not know how to qualify them, the first step is to create a nutrition campaign email.

You will also have to discuss with the client any general objective of the company have to meet and that may impact the project. You need to clearly understand the results that the customer wants and when needed.

6) Marketing Summary

From here, you’ll have to understand the previous marketing efforts have done before. Understand what marketing activities the company has done in the past and what were the results vierom. It is important to understand the two types of tactics that the client has implemented both traditional marketing and inbound marketing to understand the challenges encountered and the return on investment (ROI) achieved.

Also, the buyer will have to refine people to create appropriate client and customize them every step of the decision process inbound marketing strategy.

7) Tasks and responsibilities

You have to keep in mind that this project is a collaboration between two companies, which means that your agency has to deliver results and the client also has responsibilities. So you have to prepare an answer to these questions: Who approves the job done? Who do you contact if there are any problems with the bills? Who will create content frequently? and others.

That’s why you have to understand the internal structure of customer processes to understand exactly who is responsible for each sub-project. At the end of all, your company will have to deliver results, which means you will need information, support and approval from your computer.

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