Founder of Easy Taxi, Tallis Gomes shares some of what he learned as an entrepreneur at Studio RD Summit

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You may not even recognize the business name Tallis Gomes first, but probably used any application created for him.

Best known in the middle of entrepreneurship as the creator of Easy Taxi and application Singu , which connects beauty professionals with clients, Tallis Gomes began his career very early way to 14 years.

The success, however, did not come from night to day, before the app to taxi drivers, he had already tried other three different companies that did not work.

It was an extremely winding road, but the motivation has always been to build something great.

On technology, Tallis Gomes has ever wanted to do socially oriented business, “just did not know how to put this with the need to want to make money too,” he says. In Easy Taxi was the first time managed to unite the impact on society of profit.

For entrepreneurs who are starting, it gives the hint: first of all, it is important to empower yourself, a first step that can be limiting in the future if it has not been done well.

But how? To find out, watch the full interview:

Other issues reported by Tallis Gomes were:

  • How was the process of creating the Easy Taxi;
  • The main challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the beginning of his career;
  • How to empower yourself to begin to undertake;
  • Why the company’s leadership needs to give good examples for employees;
  • Rather than the reader can find in the book Nothing Easy , released by Tallis Gomes last year.