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Early in the decade, Facebook released a new feature on the network: the fanpages .

Today is something quite common and almost everyone who has a Facebook account can differentiate one fanpage a profile.

However, we still see many companies are doing marketing on Facebook improperly using personal profiles instead of pages.

In this post we will explain what a fanpage, how to create one and why you should have a fanpage for your company rather than a profile.

What is a fanpage

A fanpage (or Facebook page) is a page specially created to be a channel of communication with fans in the social network (fan page = page for fans in literal translation).

Different profiles, the fanpages are spaces that bring together interested people about a subject, company, cause or personality in common without the approval of friendship. It is the fan who chooses whether or not to follow the given page updates.

The fanpages are very valuable channels of communication for businesses. Imagine that in the past you needed to invest in a television channel, a newspaper or a radio station to communicate with your prospects.

The fanpage makes a similar role. It’s like if you had a room on TV, newspaper or radio, but with option free and a much greater range than any other vehicle. That’s because Facebook already meets 8 out of 10 Brazilians !

fanpage of digital results

Fanpage of Digital Results:

How to create a fanpage

The process for page creation on Facebook is quite simple. The first step you need to take is to access the link .

Then, it’s time to choose the type of page you want to create. Examples of options:

  • local or local businesses;
  • Company, organization or institution;
  • Brand or product;
  • Artist, band or public figure;
  • entertainment;
  • Cause or community.

how to create a fanpage

These categories, in turn, have very specific sub-categories in order to make clear what the purpose of your business. Choose the segment that your page belongs, set the name and your page will be created.

Then, a tutorial Facebook itself will be open and will follow you until the completion of fanpage.

If you want this step by detailed step, we have a specific post on the subject. Read on: How to Create a Facebook page: 6 details to consider when starting

Why use a fan page and not a profile

Now that we’ve covered what a fanpage and how to create one for your business, we will answer to this common question.

9 reasons to highlight your company have a page and not a profile. Are they:

1. Legal barriers

Facebook makes clear in its terms of service that each can have a unique profile and that this must have personal character. This means that any company profile is hurting the terms of service and therefore can be removed at any time.

Surely it would not be legal for your business work earning a base of friends and then miss it.

2. Limit connections

The profiles have a maximum limit of 5000 friends. We know that 5000 is not a small number, but it’s nothing impossible to achieve it.

Fanpages for companies have no restriction on the number of fans.

3. Fanpages for businesses can have custom tabs

Just a fanpage tabs allows you to edit the content you want. You can place photos, videos, discussion forums, information on specific products, events and user reviews.

On top of that, you can still create your own application if you need some functionality not offered.

With this, you can customize even more, creating tabs for downloads, menu, promotions, contests and more. Learn more in the post “custom tabs and apps on Facebook: When work and how to use” .

4. Markings and check-ins

His fans and other fanpages can publicly mention your page. On a personal profile, this can only be done by your friends.

Appointments can be made in virtually all updates on Facebook (photos, videos, links, status, etc.), that is definitely something beneficial for the whole page that want to increase their fan base. Be mentioned is always a way to increase engagement and interaction not only among fans but also from other pages.

If your page has a physical location, people can check-in and mention that this is your site, a restaurant, a bar or a hotel, for example. In personal profiles that is impossible.

5. Calls-to-Action

Another advantage that a page has a profile on is the ability to create a call-to-action button to enter the fanpage.

These buttons encourage the user to click and perform an action, as its name suggests.

There are several types of calls to action available to be inserted in your fanpage. We explore the subject in more detail in post Facebook: Call to Action button on the Fan Page .

6. Data Analysis

A fan page offers the reporting option, which presents important data about the fans (such as location, age, language and gender) and the impact of the page (how many people visited, which the most commented posts, how many photos and videos were viewed etc. .).

All this information is inaccessible for those with only one profile. Check out the eBook Introduction to Marketing on Facebook all analysis possibilities available.

7. Multiple access

One of the advantages of having a fanpage is the fact that it can be administered by several people simultaneously. Also, you can stay connected to your personal profile at the same time.

There are levels of hierarchy in which each function has a higher limit of power over others. They are: administrator, editor, moderator, advertiser and analyst. To find out what each level functions can play visit this Facebook help page .

8. ads

When managing a fanpage, your company has the ability to create a wide range of ads to reach a wider audience or to promote specific offers.

You can also choose a specific type of goal for the campaign and optimize it to achieve these results:

  • Boost your publications
  • Promote your page
  • Send people to your site
  • Increase conversions on your site
  • Get premises for your application
  • Increase engagement with your app
  • Reach people close to your business
  • Increase participation in your event
  • Do people get their supply
  • Get video views

To learn more about how to accelerate the growth of audience and results with Facebook ads, free download of our eBook Facebook Ads: the Complete Guide and Free .

9. Facebook Business

Facebook Business or Business Manager is a tool used to access the accounts management and ad fanpages.

The Business Manager is aimed at businesses that require multiple and different grant permissions to a vast number of users.

Briefly, the Business Manager allows you to:

  • Manage access to pages and ad accounts: to know clearly who has access to your pages and ad accounts, and remove or modify the permissions;
  • Keep your professional activities separately: to gain access to pages and ad accounts without having to add your co-workers as friends on Facebook.

To migrate to the Business Manager, visit this support link from Facebook itself.

The counterpoint: a friend request

One of the complaints I’ve heard of those who opted for the profile instead of the page is that the profile is possible to request friendship while in the page can not do nothing but wait for the user to click “Like”.

Indeed it does, but given all the other benefits of a fanpage, just not worth your while to keep the profile.

You can try to create other ways to leverage the number of fans and dribble a bit this problem. One is creating promotions and sweepstakes.

Another way of attracting more people are promoting your page through Facebook Ads . It’s amazing the amount of existing options and the possibility of targeting to advertise on Facebook.

None of these forms is equivalent to seeking friendship, but definitely worth more worthwhile to take the risk of losing the account, have limited number of friends, default page and any data analysis tool, which is the case profile.

How to convert a profile on a fanpage

If you were one of the people who made this mistake in your company and is now convinced that the best is to have a page, there is no reason to despair.

You can solve this with a tool created by Facebook itself. Learn more in the post How to join two Facebook pages (or a page and a profile) .

With this device, you can easily migrate to a page and take with all contacts made as a profile.

know more

If you need more practical tips for your business start generating results on Facebook, download our free eBook Introduction to Marketing on Facebook .

This material show how and why create a fanpage, effective ways to advertise your company, making analyzes, creating a campaign with Facebook Ads and more.

If you have left over any questions, feel totally free to explain your questions in the comments below!