Facebook Pages application: manage your company page through the iPhone

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If your company has a Facebook page, it’s likely that you have already felt the need to use it on your phone or tablet, because I was without a computer nearby. Until then, the official Facebook application did not allow a page administrator access it to post content, respond to reviews , and view insights on behalf of the company.

Facebook finally solved this problem by launching the application Facebook Pages Manager , currently available in the App Store American. Just install it on your iPhone to use the resources of corporate Facebook pages.

Because it still it is a first version, the application does not have all the features of Facebook Pages when accessed by the browser, but brings the minimum that an administrator needs to manage mobility.

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Post updates on the company’s page

The content posting on behalf of the company may be the most important feature brought by the application. It is still not possible to use more advanced features such as event creation, questions and prominent posts on the page, but you can do more critical updates as links, images, simple texts.

Another important feature is power Like fans of review on behalf of the company and delete certain comments or posts just by sliding your finger on it.

Receive notifications Push

One of Facebook’s features is the speed and ease with which a user has to comment on the posts of a company. It is also common to see companies that are slow to respond to these comments, which ends up annoying the fan or the client.

With the application, you will be notified via Notification Push whenever there is some interaction with the page of your company. It is a very useful feature for those who are away from your computer does not have to stay in and checking the application at all times.

These notifications are also accessible within the application itself, which is in the blue bar at the top of the page. There you can also see the latest 20 people who liked your Page, but there is no way to access a list of all the fans.

Access some page statistics

Facebook Insights is one of the most interesting features of which a company has. When accessed by the browser, it brings extremely relevant information for the company, as the demographic profile of the fans, its geographical location, the page performance graph in relation to interactions, new “Likes”, comments, etc. In the mobile version, this feature is still quite limited. You can see only the page number of fans, the number of people talking about it and the weekly reach of the posts, and these last two data still appear on a chart where you can check if they have increased or decreased during the week.

What is missing for the application become essential to make Marketing

Have all the features of version browser would be ideal, but we understand that it is an application mobile , hardly this will happen, because the focus of these applications is precisely to give the user the essential resources management “on the move”.

However, we see that there are some features that would be interesting if they appeared in the next updates, such as:

  • View the page in the format timeline , and use some of the same resources, such as marking posts as featured;
  • Receive and reply to messages sent privately to the page;
  • View your News Feed with updates from partner pages of your business, or pages which your company Likes on Facebook.


Note: the date of this post, there was still no official app for Android and iPad, although the iPhone application can be installed on the Apple tablet.