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We talked about on the blog of the changes made by Facebook in the layout of fan pages in 2012 and in 2014 . More recently, in late July 2016, the company launched another new design for the business pages.

The idea of ​​this new version is a cleaner look, that makes the most organized and accessible information to visitors, giving a little more emphasis on the brand.

A spokesman for Facebook said the goal is to introduce a new design for pages on desktop and mobile devices, making it easier for users to learn about and interact with business on Facebook.

Now, you can see three columns:

  • The left column is fixed, then the scroll the page, the user continues to see the logo, name, link to the page of “on” and videos, among other items;
  • In the middle column are the cover photo, weekly insights and posts the timeline;
  • In the right column are the box “about” page of videos, events etc. This column will not appear more ads from other companies, so it does not compete the user’s attention to your company.

The update impacts all Facebook users and demonstrates a company’s attempt to reward brands, giving them, for example, a button Call to Action more visible, allowing them to get more results from your presence on Facebook.

There is no official statement from Facebook about when the updates will be extended to all users, or if this is the final version of the layout. But the main changes that can be seen so far are as follows:

new facebook pages of the layout of fan pages 2016

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1. Logo

The logo image was moved to the left column, and is slightly larger in this update.

More tabs appear in the space below the logo. Through them you can go straight to the photos, videos, events, reviews from other pages.

2. Photo cleaner cover

In this update, the cover photo gained more prominence. The space for the logo is no longer positioned on it, making the area clean.

Because of this change, the cover images no longer need to be customized so that some information does not get hidden behind the logo image.

3. Summary of the week’s statistics

In the middle column, administrators of the page can now see a summary of the statistics of the week, which shows the range of publications, click on the site and the number of clicks the Call to Action button.

4. Call to Action Button

In this update, the Call to Action button is larger and also changed the place – now appears below the cover image. CTA button options include “making reservation now”, “call now”, “Buy Now”, “watch video”, “email”, among others.

In the case of Digital results, for example, Call to Action button that usually directs the user to use the site of Digital Marketing . But in times of events, we can also direct you to the site of RD On the Road or RD Summit .

5. Categories

The business categories are more comprehensive – you can choose from 27 options.

6. search

The search bar allows you to search the page posts, which was not previously possible.

7. About

The “about” section was used for videos as well. Now is a class by itself – aimed at the website and the address, among other information – located in the right column.

8. Applications

The three most important applications that you want to highlight appear to the right, with images, while the remaining are shown to the left.

9. Videos

Now, the videos gain more prominence through a space devoted exclusively to them. They are located below the application.

10. Future Events

Finally, this section highlights the upcoming events related to your business. The page Digital results, see the link to the RD Summit , our Digital Marketing and sales event that takes place in Florianopolis in November.

What did you think of this update? Leave your opinion in the comments below🙂