Facebook ends with 20% text restrictions on ads, but announces new rules

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One of the existing rules for advertising on the Facebook post said that the image could not contain more than 20% text. But the social network changed that.

It does not necessarily over, but has been updated. If before the Facebook ads rejected over 20% of text, now the ads more text can be accepted, but those with up to 20% continue to have more prominence.

At first, change can look good, because the limitation was always seen as an obstacle to designers and marketers. But perhaps it is not the case to be so optimistic.

Why Facebook has changed the rule

According to the Product Marketing Manager of Facebook, Afsheen Ali, research has shown that people prefer ads with less text.

Moreover, according to Ali, the rule prohibiting ads with more than 20% text was confusing, since it was not clear that an ad was not in keeping with Facebook’s policy until it had been submitted for analysis.

So the idea in the new solution is to provide more flexibility to the advertiser, while keeping a good experience for users of social networking. The test, which began in April, will gradually be made available to all advertisers.

What effectively changes the rule

In the new tool, the tool grid ceases to exist. The analysis is now based on four categories of text concentration:

  • OK (good)
  • Low (low)
  • Medium (average)
  • High (high)

These ratings indicate the level of the advertiser ad quality on the platform according to the amount of text found in the image.

Image Text: OK

Facebook still gives preference to those who use little or no text on the images. If categorized as OK, there will be no restrictions on the scope of the publication.

Facebook Ad - Image Ok

Facebook Ad - Image Ok (2)

Image Text: Low

With this classification, your ads may have restricted reach.

Facebook Ad - Image text Low

Facebook Ad - Image text Low (2)

Image Text: Medium

In this category, your image still reach fewer people.

Facebook Ad - Image text Medium

Facebook Ad - Image text Medium (2)

Image Text: High

If it is classified as a high concentration of text, it is possible that your ad does not reach any audience.

Facebook Ad - Image text High

Facebook Ad - Image text High (2)

Tool to measure

Facebook has a feature called Text Overlay , which allows you to upload the image to see if the text concentration is above or below 20%.

This tool has been updated and now you can get instant feedback as to the amount of text that each ad has, in addition to the category in which it fits (OK, Low, Medium or High).

Moreover, whenever you create a new campaign in the ad manager or Power Editor, you will receive a warning if the amount of text in the ad may limit the range.

Example verification text image

Example image text verification on Facebook.

Tips to reduce the amount of text in the Facebook Ads

Facebook itself has published some tips to advertisers for their ads to be within the 20% rule and not suffer penalties.

  • If you need to include text in the image, seeks to reduce the text font size.
  • Make the most of the text that use be in the text box and not directly on the ad image.
  • Avoid spread the text across the entire image.


The rule does not apply to:

  • Movie posters, concerts and music festivals, comedy shows and sporting events
  • Book covers and albums
  • product images – when the whole product can be seen not only in his image zoom
  • Screenshots of applications and games
  • Calligraphy, cartoons, comic strips
  • cool text
  • infographics

And what it is not considered except in an image and has as text?

  • Logos: Any text-based logo is counted as text, whatever the size or alignment;
  • Watermark Watermarks are considered as text, even if they are mandatory or according to the guidelines of the brand;
  • Numbers: All numbers are considered text.


Facebook facilitated the process, making it less hard. But we still need to be aware that there are consequences provided for advertisers who spend 20% of text concentration. This update allows you to do tests, but use a little text on the images of your ads is still the best idea.

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