Facebook changes algorithm and gives more space to long videos: learn how your page can be impacted

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Facebook announced changes in the way their algorithm shows videos on the online users’ time.

In a statement posted on its blog, the social network said that the idea is now favor more relevant videos to the user – which means, in some cases, those who are longer.

Previously, Facebook thought the reach of video content regardless of the duration. Thus, a short video was viewed almost entirely was treated in the same way that a long video, making the first were much more widespread.

“In the past, we made updates in the news feed that took into account more interactions you had with videos and a video was broadcast live or not. We looked at a variety of signals to determine which videos show the feed, including how long the video was, if people chose to connect the audio and opened the video in full screen “, says the text.

Now, Facebook’s algorithm will take into account how long a video is watched to decide whether or not it will be shown in the news feed.

One of the signs will be what the social network calls completion percentage (percent completion) – the percentage that each user watches each video.

So if you watch an entire video or most of it, it shows the Facebook that you found the video interesting.

“We know that complete a longer video is a greater commitment than completing a short video. As we continue to understand how our community consumes video, we realized that we should give more weight to the percentage of completion if the video is longer to avoid the penalty of long videos, “the statement said.

The change will affect my page?

According to Facebook, the pages will not see significant changes in the distribution of its content after this update. long videos that people spend more time watching, however, may have a slight increase in its distribution by Facebook. The effect that, shorter videos may be less seen.

Facebook advises pages always “focus on creating videos that are relevant and engajadores with your audience” and recalls that long videos with which people do not interact performarão best in the news feed. It also states that “the best length for a video is one that allows to tell a story that engages people, which varies depending on the story.”

The change will apply to all users gradually over the coming weeks. The impact will be only for the organic range of videos, not affecting the distribution of sponsored videos.

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