Excellence in service: 9 tips for you to delight your customers

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At various times in my life needed – and still need – rely on the service companies that provide some kind of service, such as mobile phone companies, internet, finance and others.

Sometimes you need these services generated small frustrations and even stressful situations. There were times when I was seeking aid, a resolution to a problem or just an orientation, but have not found what I expected.

But even being customer of various companies, I had never thought much about it call .

Until I went to work in the Digital results support team.

Our team – great team, say by the way – has the name of Customer Heroes, not just by name, but above all because we seek to do the best for our customers to be happy and always get good results with the use of our software, the RD Station .

So I started thinking about the service we wanted to get all the companies of which I am a consumer and I tried to put it into practice with people who attend daily. Believe me, it was not so easy!

Sometimes we have bad days, we are sleepy, tired or even sad, if not pay attention, just passing this energy to people that we relate – and, worst of all, for our customers.

The first thing we have to do these days is to focus on care and think about the kind of feeling we want our consumers receive.

Something that worked well with me was the ability to work daily empathy , which is to think about how I would like to be answered, putting myself in the customer’s place. Over time, I realized that this feeling should not be practiced only with our customer, but also in our day to day.

Thinking about it, I separated 9 tips that can help you achieve excellence in service:

1. Engage the relationship

Look maintain a “delicious” communication, that makes your customer feel welcome and safe to talk about the needs you have.

This is a very important point to establish a good relationship: listen carefully and show layout can make the day of any person to become better, including your own.

See an example of ticket that exemplifies this communication:

service excellence

2. Show empathy

This is undoubtedly the biggest secret of any relationship.

When we feel that we are understood and that our issues are being heard and taken into account, we feel special and therefore happier.

3. Define what you mean

When you have a clear goal and outlines an action plan to achieve it, things become simpler.

Set points of improvement that you need to evolve your service, keep a good monitoring and evaluation of results.

These attitudes will make you evolve the more mature and assertive manner in pursuit of excellence you want. 🙂

4. Use positive language

Be optimistic – keeping your feet on the ground without too idealize – is an essential detail so that you get the same positive feedback in the evaluation of their care.

Positive language that is expressed directly, helpful and abusing of empathy. An example of what can be done: replace terms such as “you have to” or “you need” – words that have a negative interpretation – by “you,” “recommend” or “suggest”.

This small change sends the message that the customer has the option to choose what to do – not what you are saying how he should act.😉

5. Avoid many emoticons

service excellence

Emoji are super cute, but not all people like or do well with this kind of visual communication. Often the receiver can interpret them differently from you.

It is important to be aware of the language that the client uses before sending out guys out there!

6. “Mirror” mood

Look reflect the energy that your client passes, mirroring his mood. Thus, if it is more serious and objective, try to treat it the same way

That way, he will feel that you understand him better and the communication of you will be next. This tip also applies to those customers more “playful” or using slang, but it is always important to remember to maintain balance and respect in any interaction.🙂

7. Balance is everything

Avoid very long paragraphs and at the same time, try not to hurry in resolving calls that are attending. This may pass a negative impression and the client may feel that you are not so involved with the service.

It is important that he realizes that you are working together. Calm and attention are essential so that the points are clear.

8. Do not be afraid to question

Each person is expressed in a way and not always understand at the outset what some mean.

So do not be afraid to question the customer points that will help you to help you. When the situation is clear it is easier to find the solution.

9. Keep your authenticity

When it often one action, sometimes it ends up becoming automatic. If we are not careful with this, a simple good morning or good night may give the impression that we are copying and pasting a ready message.

It is important to treat each case as if it were unique – as indeed they are. This care will convey a friendly message and will have a big difference in your care.

Bonus: How to speak not for the customer?

One of the biggest challenges for me was learning to say no to my clients.

Sometimes it happens to request help in operations in which I can not help them, as when asking for actions that do not yet exist on the platform.

At such times, the first thing on my mind is that I can leave a person upset not to hold her, but there are ways to minimize and reverse this feeling.


When you need to say “no” mean it above all. Transparency builds trust, which is one of the basic points of any relationship. solid structures will the customer be more understanding of the situation. Explain why you can not perform that action and, if possible, look for an alternative solution to the need for it, as in this example:

“John, currently our tool has this feature, but to get closer to the result you want, you can go that other way. That’s how I thought of help. What do you think?”

This care of the client’s situation undoubtedly will leave you more satisfied, even if the outcome of the situation is not quite what he wanted.


If you have to answer questions like:

“Today what you want is not possible, but in two months will be.”

Keep your word. If you pass a period to the customer or say that will do its best to help you, do not let this situation fall into oblivion. One of the things most loyalty anyone is commitment.


Do not be negative in any situation. Avoid terms like “sorry”, “I can not help you” or the use of emoji with negative expressions. This language weighs in sentences and can make the situation even worse.


Write down and pass to the responsible complaints and customer inquiries. Opinions and suggestions that appear often to be taken into account. They are undoubtedly the backbone of any corporation.

It is important that the consumer of your product or service know that you are taking this situation further and that his problem was heard. Leave that clear and keep your word.

These tips have helped me gain a better relationship with my clients.

Today I feel more confident and happy about it and also to be able to share them with you!

If you have any tips or learning to add, comment this post. The exchange of knowledge will always be welcome.😉