Errors and success when managing pages on facebook

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In 2016 Facebook has reached over 1.55 billion users worldwide. An increase of 14% compared with last year.

This means that although many think he would begin to fall with the wave of new channels “more imagistic” facebook ran (buying Whatsapp, Instagram and making Instagram Stories) and saw its revenue rise and only the App BATTER- Messenger chat reached the number of 900 million users.

What does this all mean?

Your business needs increasingly able to communicate through these platforms, which are increasingly integrated.

We do not think everyone should run back and get on all channels, this will depend a lot of personas you traced where they are, what types of media they consume and tals.

But understand that Facebook is a channel that covers a very varied audience, and Instagram is now integrated to it, ignore its potential is complicated bemmmmm.

See this mini video how to integrate Instagram to Facebook page

The Facebook remains the most important social network to con Hits and misses to manage pages on facebookstruir a mark on the Internet, so we have some tips to avoid mistakes when managing your Fanpages (pages on Facebook).

Because this content is being updated, we keep some initial questions that already have a business page:

  • Do you know which are the best times to threads?
  • You know how to interact with your followers?
  • You continue encouraging the participation of their followers?
  • You know  Working their followers to those they see their client ?

There are many initial questions, but following these steps, some of you will already be able to respond and even revise, if not doing something.

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It is essential that you have a schedule of posts to your page always have updated content. Plan and build your posts with viable deadlines for your page do not get posts vacuums.

Important: The more humanized are your calls and your posts, the more people will be willing to interact with them.

Social networking is people to people! So, no matter the page to the company, do not talk like a robot. It is boring and not very attractive. If you must use an institutional language, no problem, but Facebook is a very competitive space so that your posts are standard and without appeal.


trial and error to manage a fanpageWe have already quoted in a post on Pillow Shots , that video content has a click rate by print 41% more than other types of posting. Also a video can have a much greater range than a text posting and image. Generally, organically, Facebook releases the reach of your post up to 5% of its base. (yes, over the years this number has dropped a lot, but there are many people and companies posting things all the time …). However, with the video that number could rise to 20% and 25%. Cool huh?!

A legal fact is also that Youtube is no longer the sovereign king of videos , Facebook has passed 8 billion video views per day, making the Youtube shiver (even if there is still controversy as to what Facebook considers available – 3s and that Youtube counted as available – 30s).

Still, think of a social media strategy and not think video is a thing of the past!


Surely you must have heard this popular saying … And, as with everything in life, the Internet reflects what happens in life.

Who talks to his followers, answer, question, interacts, has more engagement, more authority and greater range.

Yes, a post that generates interest increases has more relevance, which makes robots Facebook release its reach to more people from the base, not those measly (up to) 5%. So, my friend, be communicative and talk to the questioner.

Have your fanpage as part of an important channel to ask questions, make contact, advertise products, etc.

Many companies fail for comments slow to respond, losing sales opportunity or even generating even more frustration on the client when these send a standard response.

manage your fanpageThe fanpage is not run by machines! So your employee or community manager of digital marketing consultant who works for your company can not position yourself as one. 


Many companies want to do the least and get the maximum return. This is quite complicated, because everything you do on the Internet, unlike that spreads around, but requires investment.

Is hiring a professional, is in spending time and money for internal training to get the job done with quality.


You have to communicate, as explained above, and be present, engaging with others.

For many companies, the facebook page is more an open channel on the Internet – that is, it is there, with the posts and it is already good. However, for other companies, Facebook is an important channel for dissemination and lead generation or revenue.

We can not find that doing the post on the page will generate some return. This can indeed happen, but after much to be conquered. If you still have few followers and short-range, you need to promote your content to more people being impacted by your message.

In addition to promoting posts, it is very suitable to make announcements – Facebook Ads – to promote produdos or services.

The difference between them is the goal.

1 – post promotion is for you to increase the reach of your posts to generate more engagement, tanned, etc.

2 – Facebook Ads is for you to get clicks to conversion, lead generation, sales. These clicks may be for channels that are out of Facebook.

That is, you will talk about the product you sell, rather than the person reading the content, or try to find the link in the call to be directed, by clicking on the image, it will be directed to the landing page (that is #oremos so) that advertised product, facilitating the conversion of the interested user.

facebook ads

In addition, an important BEEEEEMMMM tip is:

 Find groups that are interesting, talking about subjects you are expert. So you can exchange experiences, position, disclose important information about the market you operate. 

is not to be boring seller, but to create a relevancy in groups with people who are likely to connect with you in a more relevant way, like a NETWORK.


images are more relevant to facebookWe do several tests and found that: Post content with images uploaded on Facebook, not those clickable links news has greater range than when loading the content link and make the call only.

striking images, with cool calls should be more relevant to the robots than the link material … However, these clickable images can generate more clicks to content posted then has discernment, review your strategy and see what is more interesting for you.

  • Do not be SO Self-centered!

We know that the page for your business is YOUR COMPANY.

However, f share on your fanpagehaul yourself all the time is very very annoying. Nor its employees curtirão all posts. Especially if they are only on PRODUCTS, SERVICES AND PROMOTIONS.

Share content from other portals that are interesting to your audience. See what your employees are posting, what stories they like – see what your post followers, what they like, who they follow. Have a very dynamic agenda.

Obvious that post about you is important, but see their fanpage with

the if a communication channel, one serial, a space of knowledge, can be much more interesting than a boring and monotonous institutional page.

When you share content from other portals, give credits tagueando the channel (this pod social media strategyand bring more people to your fanpage). If someone has done this with some news of you, short and comment on the posting made, it will show that you are connected to what is happening in the world around you.

Its agenda has to be strategic and well represent your persona. DO NOT FORGET THAT!

Now that you’ve sa planning social mediabe some of the errors and successes in managing pages on facebook, and plan your agenda, choose well your pictures, make videos and get out and about with your fanpage!

It has more things I need to talk? Share your opinion with us.😉

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