Domain, subdomain, subdirectory, and parked domain: what they are and when to use each one

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When we started investing in create a blog . At this point, many may have the following questions: use a subdomain or a subdirectory?

Before that, there may be doubts about what is a subdomain or a subdirectory and other terms that appear when creating a website.

To help you in this article we will talk about these terms may appear and present the best alternative, subdomain or subdirectory, depending on your goal.

Explaining some terms: domain, subdomain, subdirectory and parked domain


Domain name is the identification of a site on the Internet, for example, It is formed by name and extension: resultadosdigitais is the domain name and .com is the extension.

A domain is unique and to be used it is necessary to register it. You can register a domain at some conveniado site to the bodies responsible for the extensions to be registered, which in most cases is a paid service. One of the most common is the responsible for the .com extension.

Other extensions can have the private record. This is the case of non-governmental organizations using, for example.


Subdomain is an address that is part of the domain, that is, a domain branch. It is usually possible to create as many subdomains want from a domain.

The subdomain uses the main domain and is distinguished by the addition of another name in addition to the domain name. For example: .

As advantages, through the subdomain can be related sites, as well as cutting costs and different indexing the main domain.


Subdirectory is a directory or folder created from the main site. For example:

You can group several subdirectories such as files from your computer folders. It can also provide multiple levels as .

Parked domain

parked domain is a domain directed to your site, it functions as a reflection of the main domain.

Practically you can have two domains: and When someone accesses, which is parked domain is directed to the which is the main domain.

After all, it is better to use subdomain or subdirectory?

Now that you’ve met some of the related terms, yet the question is: is best to create a subdomain or a subdirectory for my blog?

It all depends on your goal.

Improve positioning in search engines

If the focus is to improve the results with organic search, a subdomain may not be the best option because Google considers the subdomain as a separate domain, not as part of the same site. That is, you have to build the authority of your subdomain and it will not generate results for your primary domain.

In this case, use a subdirectory, as it will benefit from the authority that your domain already possess, which makes a good positioning in the search pages.

SERP Domination

If you already have a good position on the first page and your goal is to popularize their business and increase traffic to your site, you must create a subdomain. You basically open more visitors entrance doors to the content of your site, increasing the chances of reaching the SERP Domination.

SERP Domination is to conquer several links on the first page of search engines and not only have a well – placed link. With a working SEO differentiated for your domain and subdomain, you may have more links pointing to your site on the first pages for even more specific terms.

For example, search results on Google for the keyword “Inbound Marketing for traditional businesses” show the field of Digital Results and the sub-domain agencies, .

This result doubles the chance of someone clicking on a link from Digital results, increasing website traffic.

Sites in other languages

This is another example where the best option is to use the subdirectory.

Even in rankings of different countries, your domain will be benefited by the page links in other languages, influencing positively the rankeamento the entire contents of your website. Example: and

different segments

If your company operates in different segments and want to create targeted content to each audience, you can choose to use a subdomain or not. Again, it will depend on your goal, but also of how competitive your scenario.

If the keywords for a given segment are very busy and you want to ensure the authority of your domain. The most appropriate is to use subdirectories.

If you want to compete for long-tail keywords (low competition) and increase traffic (SERP Domination), has a good job of SEO and competitive subdomain.

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As we have seen in this article, determine the best strategy, subdomain or subdirectory, is directly linked to your goal. You do not have to choose between one or the other, you can use the two strategies for different purposes.

That is, regardless of which one to use, which is not recommended is not simply content. Do you know any different situation of the mentioned in this article? Join giving your opinion in the comments!