Does your company’s content speak the same language as the customer?

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Our friends at SOAP, expert presentations , always teach that a presentation should have a goal, to lead the audience of the current status (point A) to a desired status (point B).

We believe that this concept is also quite valid for our area: the idea works well for blogs or even for digital communication in general, where one of the most common mistakes is to talk as if the potential customer has been at point B.

In this post we will explain further because this simple mistake happens and what to do to fix:

The curse of knowledge

One of the best books I’ve ever read about communication is Made to Stick (translated as “ideas that stick”), the brother Chip and Dan Heath.

Among the concepts that bring the content, is called “curse of knowledge”.

To become a reference in the market you need to specialize and study hard a subject as well as putting into practice all the knowledge acquired until experience is relevant.

The paradox is that when we do this, we forget what it was like not to have this knowledge. It is very difficult to recreate the state of mind when we did not know that much, which is the case with most of our potential customers.

Just talking from the point of view of someone who has a whole logic in the head, knows the weight and influence of each part of the problem.

An expert talks at a high level. He wants to approach chess strategies and to explain how the bishops move diagonally.

The importance of correcting the problem

One of the well known features of the current generation is distraction, powered by the Internet.

There are several things in the head, multiple tabs open browser, hundreds of messages from friends on Facebook and Twitter.

The time ends up being directed to that with which we identify ourselves more.

If the article title does not reflect something that we have great interest, it is very rare and unlikely to happen the click and read. There must be an immediate identification with the content, ie, the focus should be on something that is familiar enough to have already attracted attention.

How to solve

To solve the problem, we need to identify the point A, that is, what is the problem or potential customer of this nuisance.

It is necessary then a previous step: find out who that customer. From this we can create a persona , someone who represents the public company (we speak about it in this post ).

Directing the content we produce for this persona is much easier to be assertive and find indeed a pain point on the client.

If our audience for the RD Station is the owner of a small or medium business, pain / his interest might be “how to sell more by using the Internet.” That’s the point A, that is where I pull him then, throughout the text, go explaining and better unfolding the various topics in digital marketing to reach the solution at point B.

It has been public for agencies or digital marketing managers probably the pain is not the same. They have more experience and are at another point. Maybe “advanced tips for Adwords management,” the owner of the company would not even know what it is, is much more relevant and reflects an urgent need that other public. That’s the point Theirs and will be in the title and introduction of the article to act as bait to capture the attention in this case.

If we could summarize and conclude with two general tips, they would be:

  • Investigate your audience well and know the pain of the moment, to know how much your potential customer know about your market.
  • Always opt for simplicity, try to be understood by all and set aside the jargon of the industry and lavish lines.