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Internet has opened a new sales channel with customers and this in turn leads to new claim techniques that must be taken into account when promoting a product. As in any business, the visibility you have with a potential client is as vital as offering the clearest and simplest process once your attention has been captured.

The process is composed of three parts that we will detail later:

  • Positioning in search engines – Consists of improving the visibility of a product in the search engines, both in position and at the level of message quality.
  • Usability analysis – It allows to determine the best way for a client to perform certain actions (request a service, buy a product, subscribe to a newsletter, etc.) once it has reached the web.
  • Web Analytics – It allows us to analyze the actions of users on our page.


The communication channels have changed drastically since the arrival of the internet, converting search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) into the main tool that customers use to locate suppliers.

Generally, the focus of these actions is to improve the position in which a product is found given a certain search, but it is equally or more important to determine under what criteria our product should appear and the message that the user receives upon finding it.

Search engines offer two types of results given a search so there are two specific techniques for each:

There are specific techniques for each type of result:

Organic or Natural Results (SEO Technique)

Results without cost ordered in terms of relevance of the search performed

It is known as SEO (Search engine optimization) to the set of actions that make a page be positioned in the first results after conducting a search. This will generate more traffic to our site from keywords that are relevant to the activity of our website.

The technique consists of preparing the web to make it more comprehensible and relevant to search engines.

The keywords (keywords) are the terms that users use when making searches. The difficulty of positioning a web for a certain keyword can be much greater than for a different one. The more results there are for a keyword, the more competition and therefore, the positioning will be more complicated.

The position of a result is determined by three types of factors:

  • Regarding the content of the page – The service offered by a search engine to its clients is to provide the answer that best matches the query made. For this reason, the most important factor when positioning a website is that the content is of quality, relevant to the user who performs the search and is updated frequently.The most common exercises that help improve natural positioning are adding a blog to the web, creating a forum to help users, opening the possibility for users to introduce their experiences, etc.
  • Technicians – The technical factors are also taken into account by search engines. Aspects such as upload speed, content hierarchy, code structure, friendly URLs, etc. They are valued in an essential way.
  • Networking – The relationships that your website has with the rest affect the positioning. Search engines positively value each external link to a web, giving more relevance to those that have the same theme.

Payment Results (PPC Technique)

Results that are located both in the upper part of the results obtained and in the lateral one.

The pay per click is the positioning in the sponsored links, normally located in the top positions of the search results and on the right side. The client decides by what terms he wants to position himself, which will determine the cost per click.

The customer quickly gets traffic to your website, but with the inconvenience that it is a payment service that will cease to have effect as soon as the PPC campaign ends.

It is advisable to set a goal to carry out a campaign of this type, optimize the web, design a good page oriented to the user to perform a certain action (For example: buy a product or request a quote) and forms to request the service or sale of the product.


With this analysis we want to study all the processes, methods or steps that a user must perform in a web page to carry out an objective. The usability is to facilitate the work to the user so that it can fulfill its mission in a satisfactory manner, making it easy to use and comfortable for the client.


Web analytics is a professional discipline aimed at drawing conclusions, defining strategies or establishing business rules based on collected data.

  • It is to study the behavior of the users in our web.
  • Why they come and from where.
  • Why are they leaving now?
  • Why they do not perform the actions that our objective requires.
  • With what search terms they find us

It is essential to make business decisions and optimize the pages, whether they are informative or conversion, whether a certain action or campaign has been beneficial or not.