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For what reason should backlinks be built? For one, backlinks are always a recommendation of the linking page to yours. This means that when sites mention your page with a link, they directly make a recommendation for your website. Your goal should therefore be to get backlinks on popular and important sites, so that your own site receives as much of the “trust” of the corresponding Internet presence.

But in addition to this recommendation, the traffic generated by backlinks is also an important ranking factor. Any traffic generated by backlinks will thus be automatically included in Google’s rating and will give you a particularly high rank in search engine results. But what traffic is taken into account?


Social networks are a good place to get backlinked traffic quickly and easily . Create your own Facebook page, blog or Twitter profile and promote yourself. But even on topical other profiles or pages you can – if it fits – often leave a link. Another option for backlink traffic is the so-called social signal. With them you can also increase the traffic . Take advantage of your opportunities on the social networks and strengthen your brand and reputation.


In order to get high-quality backlinks, you can also be active in forums that deal with your topic. By posting professional and useful posts in forums you can, for example, professionally backlinksto contribute with further content. But make sure that your link is not the first post in the forum at all. Such behavior is often considered as spam by forum administrators and often denies your membership there. Instead, create several appropriate and meaningful posts in the forum and only put backlinks to your site after a longer membership period. In addition, keep in mind that such links are generally nofollowed and therefore theoretically not a ranking factor. But still, this valuable backlink traffic can be generated if this link causes users to visit your website.


Another great way for backlink traffic is blogs. On the one hand, you can become active as the author of a guest article and refer to your internet presence. On the other hand, you can – as in the forums – set a backlink through the comment function in blog articles. However, you should again make sure that your backlinks should only be set if they overlap thematically with the contents of the blog. You can also partner with or collaborate with bloggers to help you author and publish regular guest articles.

Other places to get backlink traffic:

  • Website and blog directories
  • guestbooks

Both places are often called to receive backlink traffic. Even though it used to be a good option, these types of directories no longer provide the desired success today. Fairness is to say that an entry does not hurt. Another often used variant for the increase of the Backlink Traffic is to set this as an answer with relevant question portals.


Unfortunately in many areas still a common misconception: the purchase of links can affect your ranking sensitive – but: in the negative sense. Be sure to rely on the quality of your content , then you are on the safe side.


Among other things, the content quality depends on the page layout of your website. Thus, valuable backlink traffic can arise if the page layout knows how to convince with a professional look. With all the relevant information in the “above the fold” area , the residence time of the user can be optimized and the resulting improved conversion rate helps you with a positive rating from Google.


To get backlink traffic you do not have to have any special knowledge at first glance. Instead, target your page with quality content and tell the digital world about it. Use viral online marketing strategies to make your content spread on the net. Especially the social networks prove themselves as a place of work for the goal to get a high backlink traffic. Your main focus should always be on the Google ranking. With Backlink Traffic, you can effectively increase your position in search engine results, attracting potential customers and users. To monitor and analyze your backlinks, we recommend the use of special tools. Because as with all SEO measures The same applies to backlink traffic: constant control is crucial for your success.