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A Simple Definition Of What SEO Is And Its Benefits

There are already many contents that I have shared with you to optimize your website or blog without the need to be an SEO expert in WordPress or another CMS.

In this blog we have seen many tips, tools and tips in WordPress. However, and without serving as a precedent, there are 2 very basic issues that I have overlooked, as they are to clearly define what SEO is or what its benefits are.

As a result of having shared an SEO report template to analyze your strategy and keep a thorough follow-up, I have detected thanks to the readers that, indeed, there are those who still do not know anything about this and ask themselves  “but hey, what is the SEO and what is it for? “

It seems that by belonging to the generation 2.0 we have to be aware of the technicalities and, hey, that all this SEO is fine, but before you start implementing strategies and plans like crazy, you have to settle the bases well, do not?

But…. What is SEO?

First of all, we are going to translate it into Spanish. SEO comes from “Search Engine Optimization” (search engine optimization), also known as “search engine optimization”.

In other words, the highly prized SEO is nothing more than all those actions or techniques that we perform so that the major search engines (mainly Google, Yahoo and Bing) include your website in the best positions.

“But in the best positions of what? “, you will ask yourself. Well with this we refer to that position that Google and other major search engines give to our website after having made a prior consultation through a keyword.

I’ll give you an example …  Suppose a user wants to buy some shoes in Madrid, for that he goes to Google and with almost total security we can expect this user to write “shoe store in Madrid”. If your website is a shoe sales portal, and you are located in Madrid, you will kick with the competition to position yourself in Google for this or other related terms, which is also known as Long Tail .

Therefore, and to achieve that long-awaited positioning through certain keywords related to your activity or business, you will have to implement certain actions and strategies, and implement in your marketing plan what is known as SEO.

Ojo !, because if you put keywords that are not related to your sector or brand, you would be doing a bad SEO!

So … what are the benefits of SEO?

Already with its definition seems to be quite clear the importance of this term in the area of ​​marketing, and if we extrapolate to a changing environment and high competitiveness, where increasingly online transactions are the order of the day, rethink well the things from the beginning and investing in SEO is almost an unquestionable task.

When I say investing, I do not mean paying to improve visibility in search engines through links and promoted ads, but to the investment it implies in terms of time and training, since one of the first advantages of doing SEO could be said to be its “low cost” (and I put it in quotation marks because a good SEO strategy requires the investment in other tasks, such as the optimization of a website and its contents).

Speaking clearly, SEO basically serves to attract traffic to our website, which is not any nonsense, because with this traffic you yourself are responsible for defining how to take advantage. Maybe you want to sell something, offer a service, or just get to know in the media and have a strong presence on the Internet.

However, if you want to achieve your goals, it does not give the SEO strategy priority over other marketing strategies, but it does have these other benefits:

➽ SEO is a fixed investment

If you hire an  expert in SEO or a specialized company to help you in this task, you will know that your initial investment will be (usually) fixed, regardless of the current traffic your website has (although in later phases the investment is decreasing) .

➽ SEO is very profitable

Although to implement an SEO strategy are expected to obtain more or less considerable results in the medium or long term, once achieved a certain positioning, search engines do not charge for it or put time limits.

➽ Doing SEO attracts quality traffic

If SEO is good, be sure that the visits that occur to your website will be of interested users.

➽ The SEO process is reversible

Come on, if you do not get the expected results first, you can continue implementing actions to improve your strategy.