Do social networks influence the SEO of a website?

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This is a very common question for anyone working with SEO site?

The question is understandable, for how Google’s algorithm determines the placement of websites in search results is anybody’s guess. Of course: the seeker not to deliver tray his “magic formula”.

However, the SEO market is always trying to unravel the ranking factors Google, and social signals have been target of several studies.

After all, what is the role of social networks in search ranking? Let’s clear this doubt in this post! He was curious? Then follow!

What Google says

Matt Cutts, Google software engineer, published a video in 2010 to explain some guidelines of search in relation to social networks .

According to him, social networking is not a reliable ranking factor for Google to consider in their algorithm. Mainly, these are the characteristics of social content that prevent search engine to index it:

  • Volume: there are so many content published daily on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. the robot would not be able to index all;
  • Privacy: there are many publications restricted (as in a profile or private Facebook group) that would prevent indexing;
  • Volatility: the content and relationships on social networks are modified or deleted at any time, and the robot does not accompany this inconstancy.

It is therefore clear: the number of Likes on your fan page on Facebook or followers on Twitter , for example, does not influence the positioning of your website.

Still, Matt Cutts explains: the social channel is seen like any other web traffic source.

So if a page gets many backlinks traceable social networking (as you can get from other blogs or sites), it is now considered relevant by Google.

What the market says

Google engineer himself says that social networks do not enter the ranking. Okay, but that does not mean that SEO professionals would still not intrigued by it.

Studies of specialized companies such as Moz and Search Metrics , try to unravel the ranking factors that Google does not reveal.

However, these studies have only data correlation , not causality. That is, they reveal the common characteristics of the pages with good performance, but not necessarily the cause for this.

For example, a brand has good ranking in Google and has many followers on Twitter. But that does not mean that the authority in the social network influence in positioning.

In these studies, correlation tests realized some relevant social cues, such as the number of posts with backlinks to them or the authority of accounts that create backlinks.

But, mind you: these factors are only related, not necessarily causal. The number of backlinks, for example, confirms what Matt Cutts said, but the authority of accounts may not be a ranking factor.

4 ways that your social networks influence the SEO

Got confused? Indeed, this subject is controversial.

The operation of the algorithm will never be disclosed transparently by Google. And while experts study the correlation between the factors, we can not say which social signals influence the positioning.

However, it is certain that social networks are an important element currently web, both for users and for brands that use them as a source of traffic and branding .

So certainly they cause any impact on SEO, even if indirectly.

But now we will reveal some ways that are proven to their social networks influence the SEO and what are the best practices to optimize them. Meet:

1. Increased visibility

As an important source of traffic to the site, social networks have a role in increasing the visibility of the brand and the site content.

Thus, they influence in SEO, because the more links a page receives, the more quickly it will be indexed, the more points you earn with Google and more backlinks can win. Here are some tips to increase your visibility:

Share your content

Do not think that just post to your blog and wait for readers arrive. All content needs a “nudge” to be accessed by a good volume of visitors.

So advertise your links! In social networks, there are some ways to do this.

The first and most obvious is to publish links on the page itself or profile of your brand. Caprice in the text accompanying the link, which need not be extensive but concise and objective.

Another idea is to join groups and communities in its area of operation in Facebook or LinkedIn and publish the links in these channels. There, the public is already targeted and likely to receive attention is higher.

And lastly, an efficient idea is to create a relationship with other relevant players in your area. When you post something that is interesting for Persona them, suggest they share your link.

But both groups and with influencers , is timely and relevant. You know the person who insists with links and more links to your own website, without adding anything of value? Do not be it.

Encourage social sharing

Want to further increase the number of shares of their pages on social networks? So encourage your readers to also share their content.

For this, the first step is to create a unique and qualified content that deserves to be shared. You can also explore controversial content, or never before addressed, or so incredible that make readers think, “I need to show it to someone.”

Another important attitude is to insert sharing buttons on your website and blog. So after reading the content, visitors can click the button and share the page on your Facebook profile, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc.

Some blogs have also used the ability to highlight a piece of content, and insert a “tweet this” button or “share this”. Thus, only that text will be shared on social networks, with a link to the original page.

Optimize title, image and description of links

Want to further improve the shares? So make the most attractive link for those who are reached by the publication.

The page’s HTML code, you can enter meta tags to determine which title, which image and description which should appear when someone shares the link on social networks.

Take the opportunity to use an interesting image at the right size for social networks, as well as a flashy title and a compelling description.

But do not worry if you do not know anything about programming. Generally, with plugins like Yoast WordPress, you can edit these tags.

This way, you can optimize these elements to the link attract more clicks and page receive more visitors.

2. Strengthening the brand

Social networks are basically social networks. Originally, they connect people with people, but the brand also earned their place in this conversation.

Therefore, they should be used primarily for this purpose. The focus on social networks is not your brand, but the relationship with their consumers.

It is they who must be pleased, it is to them that you should be relevant. Just so you gain the trust of the public and strengthen your brand.

But what does this have to do with SEO? If you have a good relationship with the people, they create a loyalty to their content, access your pages more often and also indicate to your site known.

Thus, you gain not only a loyal following but also promoting your brand. And hence gets more hits and backlinks to your site.

Moreover, with a strong brand on the web of course increase the searches for your company name (branded searches) on Google.

Thus, you get more confidence browser also passing to value their content in ranking.

3. Domination of the first page of results

The strategy called SERP Domination is to occupy all the first search results with links related to your brand, when searching by name.

The goal is to generate more traffic to the site, but the strategy also serves to eliminate negative results of the first positions, as the quote on a website claims or damaging news to brand image.

In this sense, social profiles, which are usually well-ranked, help to positively occupy the first page of results, generate access indirectly to the site and “push” negative links to the second page.

Create optimized profiles (they also ranqueiam!)

Therefore, you can take this opportunity to strengthen your brand.

Think about what social networks are relevant to your business and create profiles on them in order to help in the SERP Domination. But remember that not just a presence – you need to be active in networks.

In addition, next to the page or profile link in the search results, it appears a text description (the meta description ) that can be optimized.

Generally, this text is editable in the social network, in the profile configuration. So take advantage to make a persuasive text and words that identify your business.

4. Measurement results

As in any action of Digital Marketing, you can and should use metrics to measure performance and optimize your strategy. Here are some tips to do it with eyes in SEO:

Choose the right metrics

For each goal, you need to choose the indicators certain to follow. In this case, we want to know how social networks influence the SEO, you can keep an eye on the following metrics:

  • site traffic volume coming from social networks, or each of them;
  • Number of social shares of each page of the site;
  • Number of clicks on the link of the posts of social networks;
  • Sales or revenue generated by social networking visitors.

Parameterize URLs

Parameterize the links means insert tags on the links that inform its origin (eg, Facebook), media (eg social networks) and the campaign (eg Christmas).

Thus, the traffic source data analysis in Google Analytics , you can identify exactly which social network and what those visitors attracted campaign.

To facilitate this, Google itself provides a URL builder .


So, ready to administer your eye social networking in positioning your site?

We not exactly know which social signals Google really believes in their algorithm. Incidentally, we do not know if he considers some.

But we do know that social networks influence the SEO because they are an important source of traffic. So is this characteristic that we must seize.

Now, you want to get more tips to improve your positioning? So check out our post on what SEO !