Direct from the Experts: Digital Marketing Tips and Good Beers for 2016

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End of the year is a great time to meet friends. For those who are fascinated with the work and can not evade the issue, find friends who also work with marketing is even better.

When visiting my family in BH at the end of 2015, I took the opportunity to schedule a beer with my fellow friends who are national references in Digital Marketing : Diego Gomes and Vitor Peçanha (Rock Content), Pedro Filizzola and Fernando Pacheco (Sambatech), Cleiton Maranhão ( Hotmart) and Ligia Braga (Smartalk).

We took advantage of the relaxed chat to build content with excellent tips to run in 2016. And as we were in a bar, we thought we already enjoy and also give good tips for beers we take in 2016.

Here are the tips that each person brought the table and let your suggestions in the comments.

1. Fernando Pacheco (Sambatech) : “Videomarketing – Use direct Leads collector videos on specific pages”

A great chance for 2016 is to bet on videos on product pages, either for ecommerce, services or B2B business. If you already do this, great! But remember that it is possible to consider something else. You can have a great advantage in this step to increase the conversion rate and still make a better management of Leads.

To help with this, you can do two actions within the videos:

  • Insert a form in the video for the Lead schedule a conversation with a consultant on that particular product;

    Use a CTA for a discounted Page / test within the video.
  • Caption: Example of form within the video.

form videos samba tech

These two actions have the potential to greatly increase the conversion especially happen within a very relevant context. You can use these two above information for even better qualify Leads.

Recommended beer: Wals Petroleum

2. Pedro Filizzola (Sambatech) : “Videomarketing – Decision tree videos”

The tree video making is a great way to make the Lead forward in the purchase process and go through the funnel. Often the traditional process Leads nutrition can be slow, and this is a great way to complement and accelerate this process.

It basically consists of placing “links” within the videos and give the option for the user to choose which step to follow and what to see content. You do not require the user to watch a huge content to take only a part. This explains well what this tree is.


Use the decision tree within the video gives a much greater dynamism in its content, especially for giving the choice to the user. As he has control of it, you can greatly increase his engagement with content.

An example of how it works: Imagine that a person started watching a video on Digital Marketing with very wide content. After a few minutes of basic content, give the option of various subjects so he could deepen: SEO, Marketing Automation, Social Media, etc. Instead of trying to guess the interest, we give this to the visitor and he chooses which track you want to follow.

The Sambatech has products that help you implement these strategies. Both the Collector Leads and CTA in the video as the Decision Tree.

Recommended beer: Medieval

3. Cleiton Maranhão (Hotmart) : “Worrying and invest in Customer Retention, not only Acquisition”

A major problem when we think of the acquisition is that you usually have a very high sales effort and he is not compensated in the aftermarket. It is not difficult to find cases where the only good relationship between brand and customer is the time of sale. After that, the customer is at hand, poorly supported or monitoring and this lack of care can be a major cause for the cancellation of a service or no loyalty to a recurring customer.

We have seen more and more startups working with the recurrence model. These startups, avoid churn (cancellation of service) is what will cause the business to continue healthy. You can not let your customer base suffer big falls, and so is the importance of this show in the routine of his client.

traditional models of retention usually only go into action when the client has quit the service. I already believe that today we face a new retention model with Customer Success professionals (Customer Success). Investing in CS, you are putting someone to track all your customer metrics and help you in any way necessary to achieve better results. By doing so, participating in the day-to-day customer, marking territory, assisting and listening to all your customer’s problems, it is much easier to work in a more active retention model. It is quite clear that customer confidence is much higher and increase the chances of you reduce your stress acquisition because your customers will indicate the new.

To complement the hint of Cleiton, we have posts in our blog that talk about the subject and can help you implement a Customer Success area.

complementary Tip: Use good low to attract customers and invest in upsell

This strategy is also known as selling a product “Tripwire”. You begin offering a service or product very cheap to the point that he is “irresistible” to your audience. You may even have a small injury to him or just cover their costs, but the goal is to win a customer.

Once people have paid for their first product, it is very interesting to make clear that upgrade or evolve into a next step is essential. For example, I like to cook, particularly red meat. If I buy a cookbook where several cuts are a little more advanced and I do not know the technique of that dish, my next step would be to buy a book with cutting techniques. In the end, that first sale is just to let the customer with the feeling that he really needs something more. And that’s where you come with the upsell!

Recommended beer: Wals Dubbel

4. Diego Gomes (Rock Content) : “Optimize posts that are positioned on the second page of Google”

We work hard on SEO in 2015, but something very simple and very efficient done in Rock Content was to monitor and optimize the posts that were positioned on the second page of Google.

But why these posts? We focus on optimizing these posts, because with a little effort they can already gain some positions and advance to the first page. Of course we always want to get the top positions, but it is usually much more laborious and long-term. Even failing the first place, only to have already improved this position, gain traffic is very signifcant.

This strategy is very interesting because if your post can already be positioned on the second page, it is a good content and you have a reasonable domain authority to do so. Therefore, with relatively little effort you can have much impact traffic to your site.

Along with other actions, we managed to increase by 615% Organic our blog traffic.

You can see all the strategies used by Rock Content optimization for this amazing and very full post: How to Rock Content increased by 615% the blog organic traffic in just 6 months .

Recommended beer: Austria Weizen

5. Vitor Peçanha (Rock Content) : “Investing in making segmentations getting better”

With the market becoming more mature and companies making more and more Digital Marketing, the competition for people’s attention is increasingly fierce. The public’s inbox has become an extremely disputed area, so you need to stand out.

Surely the best way to get to get someone to open your email is sending some content with a subject that is interesting to him. For this, the best strategy is to send interesting content to target well the list of emails according to demographic and behavioral characteristics.

Here in Rock we evaluated some major factors in segmentation: funnel stage, persona and areas of interest (based on previous conversions). We use this information to customize the title and profile content. In general we do the same firing divided up into six distinct groups.

You can see the results below of a campaign with two segmentations, with rates well above the market:

Recommended beer: Kud Tangerine

6. Ligia Braga (SMARTalk) : “Investing in partnerships and create deep relationships”

Our keyword for 2016 is relationship .

In 2015 we made several business partnerships and launched many shared materials – which significantly expanded our base Leads and recognition of SMARTalk. Among the highlights of the year is steady partnership with Digital ingage and Sambatech , companies that complemented our work and created new opportunities for our solutions among its customers. In addition, we made a series of guest posts that have helped us increase the digital presence (you can see some we did in Content Marketing blog) .

So our tip is to strive to know other companies and people talk a lot and strengthen the relationship with them. From there, the possibilities are many: to help with business opportunities, educate the market together, create and join events in partnership, guest posts, good management practices sharing, and more.

We want to keep partners who are with us from the start and strengthen relationships, and expand each day plus the exchange and learning opportunities with new organizations. Understand that everyone has qualities that may be important for their development is essential to maintain this constant investment and a schedule full of good interactions.

Recommended beer: Grimor 21 – Hibiscus

7. Gabriel Costa (Digital Results) : “Climb your company’s content production and transform this content into several other”

My tip was something I saw on the trip we made to Silicon Valley (talk in great detail her post in the learning of Growth Hacking in Silicon Valley – Part 1 ). Who gave the hint was Pergolino Maria, who created the area of marketing at Marketo.

One of the resources to scale the content production is to ask for aid from other areas of the company. Usually several people are interested in contributing, but because the tasks of day-to-day, can not deliver that content. The tip comes exactly at that time: so these people prove interested in producing content, instead of asking for the production of a post or eBook, combine to present a live webinar and announce it publicly. From the moment this public commitment is generated, the chance to cancel this person and not display the content is very small.

This way you can already increase the production of content with people from other areas. But to further enhance the results, start to reuse this webinar produced. To present the webinar the person will need to organize information in a logical sequence and produce supporting slides. From that content (slides + story with a logical sequence), you can generate many other content: transcribe the webinar and you have a post, give a tidy on the slides and you have a whitepaper or ebook; just take the audio and you have a podcast ; take some video excerpts and produce a teaser for social networking. You will need to make some adjustments, but with very little cost and can provide amazing results.

Recommended beer: so far only been recommended mining beers. But despite being miner, I will defend the state beers that live today (SC) and recommend the IPA Schornstein (Note: I am fascinated by the Medieval and Wals Dubbel).

Completion and final question

All tips are very good, but you must put them into practice (both marketing tips as the beer). To help with this, we have a material that can help you plan the next year and put into practice: Kit Digital Marketing Planning in 2016 .

Finally, we would like to know: What is your marketing tip for 2016 (that you made in 2015 and brought you results) and which beer do you recommend?