Digital Marketing Strategies To Consider Before Redesigning Your Company Website

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A website is an extremely important tool for marketing a business. It enables your business to be found by potential buyers and serves as a business card on the internet. However, unlike what many companies think, the success of Digital Marketing is not only linked to the quality of the site.

Quite often we come across clients who are in doubt between start working Inbound Marketing or (re) to your website. First, it is important to note that only redesign the site will not solve all strategic issues that your business has in Digital Marketing, or have guarantees to contribute to a real increase in generating business opportunities.

That is, it makes no sense to leave work Inbound Marketing only after the redesign of the site is complete. There are several improvements that your business can begin to deploy immediately to ensure its effective positioning in the digital environment and the acquisition of new customers Inbound.

In this post we will talk about the items that your company’s website and should include important strategies of Digital Marketing to consider before you even think of a reformulation of the structure of your network address. Check below!

Items that your company’s website should contain

On a website it is essential that visitors can understand what the company is, what kind of solution offers and how you can get in touch. However, some elements are essential for them to have a good experience.

The elements are: easy and intuitive navigation, contact fields, c well – defined all-to-actions and properly aligned with the offer, well written code, avoiding duplicate content and infrastructure to ensure stability.

Basically, you must know who your company wants to attract ( persona to whom the site must be designed ), why (what goals) and how (what the visitor should do to achieve the goal of your company).

A website usually has the most focus on the product or service that the company offers and is linked to more direct deals that may have a low conversion rate of visitors into Leads. Also, by having little information content, generates few external link and hence little sharing.

The process of (re) make your company’s website in most of the time has several involved: developers, designers, agency, among others. For the area of ​​marketing that can represent lack of autonomy by relying on others, difficulty in finding good suppliers and dependence on extensive periods and high costs.

When it comes to wait for the completion of a site to start other Digital Markeitng actions, it can be even more costly for companies that fail to generate new business opportunities waiting for the launch of the new site.

Strategies that your company may already deploy

Strategies and best practices of Inbound Marketing can help your company build a qualified audience and generate new Leads without harming the site of the reconstruction process. See what actions your company can now implement and will not need to be modified after the launch of the new site:

– Structuring of SEO marketers is a task – not just programmers – who know the client’s language and that can contribute to research and analysis of relevant keywords for the business of your company and to be included in the site texts.

Integration of contact forms or offers with a CRM for management of Leads generated, the working relationship with the customer, in order to bring it closer to the time of purchase.

Alignment and content production to contribute to the growth of traffic on the site. Strongly recommend creating and maintaining a blog that has the advantage of attracting external links and position your company as a reference and indexing the website pages. When the site is redesigned, just give due highlights, including a specific call and link in the main menu.

Landing Pages Creation and Call to Actions specific to the educational content . As stated earlier, the site usually works direct deals promoting their products or services. The Landing Pages are a great option to increase the number of conversions the site of your company working indirect offers, such as: educational materials, which help to generate contacts and deliver benefits to visitors, enabling the start of a relationship.

Inbound Marketing and (re) building the website your company can be much more linked than you might think. The benefits of working both fronts jointly will certainly add strength to the marketing work and will make your business do not let pass optimization opportunities and avoid wasting resources ahead.