Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs: How This Strategy Can Leverage Your Business

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Today, consumers have access to a huge amount of information on the Internet, which has completely changed the way they discover, research, they learn, evaluate and recommend products and services.

Thus, the growth of the Internet and its impact on our day to day brought for the very interesting opportunities to leverage entrepreneurial businesses of all types.

Fortunately, these opportunities require more “brain” and less “money” than traditional means. This certainly gives better conditions for entrepreneurs to build high-impact companies.

And to take advantage of opportunities that arise on the Internet, it is important that entrepreneurs are used in a strategic way of Digital Marketing , or online actions that aim to attract and connect with your audience to drive them to the time of purchase.

In this post, we’ll talk in shorthand about these actions and how to execute them. If you want to delve into the subject, read our eBook Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs , a partnership with the Endeavor Brazil .

# 1 How Digital Marketing can help you build a high impact company

One of the main benefits of Digital Marketing is that even with low investment, you can work with very effective action, ranging from bringing more visitors to the website to convert more of those visitors into customers.

Therefore, the Digital Marketing is quite well suited for medium and small companies who want to grow fast.

One advantage is that these actions let you create a marketing authority. Teaching a little about your area to your prospects, you demonstrate the know when the matter and already has a history in the area, who knows the prospect’s problems and how to solve them.

Working with Digital Marketing is a scalable, sustainable and predictable way to relate to your audience because your potential audience on the Internet is enormous and is easier and cheaper to reach new niches.

In addition, the Internet is possible to measure the results of their strategies, knowing what is working and what is not bringing results.

# 2 What does it take to get there

Above all, Digital Marketing is knowledge: you need not only well understand your market, but also learn how to disseminate this knowledge using strategic actions on the Internet.

In addition, access to technology is essential, because the more technological possibilities you have to optimize your actions, the more results you will get.

So, use the best digital marketing tools (such as RD Station ) is a very important step to be able to implement the Digital Marketing in your business.

Another aspect that should be taken into account is the time invested and the people who perform the tasks. It does not help wanting to adopt digital marketing strategies if you do not have someone who can devote at least part of their time to do this.

Moreover, it is important to have discipline. The Digital Marketing requires a lot of work and consistency. However, it allows that even with a small financial investment, it is possible to build a scalable, sustainable and predictable sales channel.

Finally, one must have patience: such actions do not work from day to night. The results take a while to appear, because you are building a loyal following. However, a Digital Marketing job well done has guaranteed results.

# 3 The 5 functions necessary for an effective Digital Marketing

A company has five key functions within the Digital Marketing: it needs to attract qualified visitors, convert prospects into Leads (business opportunities), to relate to people at all stages of the sales funnel, close sales, and finally, analyze the data to optimize performance and ensure higher returns.

digital marketing tasks

Let us briefly explain each of these functions:

To attract

Without a good attraction for visitors to the site, no other step of the funnel make much sense. Getting quality traffic is one of the most common goals of who gets to invest in Digital Marketing and one of the greatest difficulties.

To put into practice this attraction is necessary to produce and optimize content and buy media.

To convert

Realizing correctly the activities of attraction, traffic is solved and you need to follow for the next challenge. The goal is to make these visitors become Leads, ie, people who are interested in your business enough to provide their contact for your company.

An effective mechanical Leads generation has three important pillars: supply (something of value to be given to Lead in exchange for their contact), Landing Page (the page where the Lead fill in your information) and promotion (as you will attract and promote this offer).


Once your company has already made the offer + promotion strategies + Landing Page and therefore already have a good base Leads, it’s time to manage those contacts and invest in relationships with potential customers to “esquentá- them “and bring them closer to the time of purchase.

Three great ways to stay close and have a good relationship with the potential client are Leads .


The sales team must treat Leads generated in a different way is the traditional surveys, as often these Leads are not yet ready to buy the solution.

Ideally, sellers maintain a consultative approach and seek help Lead to better frame the problem and gradually draw a solution, fitting the product or service of the company.


The measurement of capacity is one of the great advantages of Digital Marketing. So the company can well understand how each investment has brought results.

The metrics of the sales funnel – like the number of visitors generated Leads and opportunities – are among the most important to analyze precisely because they show how quickly investment in Digital Marketing is offering return for business.

After this first level, the ideal is to get in each source of traffic and understand how each channel has contributed in generating Leads.

# 4 And now, how to put all this into practice?

We know that for those who are starting their strategies in Digital Marketing, are endless possibilities, and it is not easy to know where to start implementing actions.

So, find out more about these strategies in the  eBook Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs . Download Right Now!