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To find or effective is yours in Quao I Social Media performance , there are the Social Statistics Network . Analyzing given such is the best way to know is you are achieving your goals in STUFF digital marketing, or is it making a team change in your strategy. Therefore, I will today share information with you on statistics which Community Network Manager Socials a must read know. Here we go!

Social Networks User statistics: what are the most important?

User statistics

The above mentioned, the statistics of social networks are really useful: they allow you to know you are effectively reaching your audience and you help to choose the best content to share. Now, each one of the Accounts has its own social metrics and you need your own metric that knows which ones you are most important to measure success or your campaigns . Therefore, I will share continue determinants of each metric the Social Network.

Facebook Insights

On Facebook, statistics are known as Facebook Insights , and you can Find-the bar that is on the top of your Fan Page , the shows the image to follow. To visualize it, you must be an administrator of the page.

User statistics social networks - facebook insights

Among dice as you Facebook statistics you provide is the corresponding metric one of your each posts, yours and the followers scope of each one of your publications. Even so, you can establish a pages list which know how to receive the metrics. I you must PARAMETER main that cater with regard to Facebook Insights are:

  • Scope: indicates how many people have seen your post.
  • Comments: Shows how many you received in your comments post.
  • Like: Show or number of people that liked your post.
  • Clicks on posts: indicates How often you have clicked on your posts, ruling Tanned and shares.
  • Times that were shared: show or number times that your post was shared.

Twitter Stats

You can see your Twitter stats using Twitter Analytics . There you have the possibility to obtain information on your account performance during last 28 days. Among the most interesting given this service offers are either number impressions each of your tweets, revealing or effective scope had one of your posts thermos in users. Even so, Twitter offers you visualize the individual statistics each publication. For this, you just do not click accurate icon of statistics available in each post, as shown below:

statistics of social networks - twitter analytics

For more information, you can refer to our article on how to use or Twitter . The more important metrics to this Social Network offers you, these are:

  • Retweets: indicates How often people have shared your post.
  • Favorites: indicates or number times people in your tagged or tweet as a favorite.
  • Replies: shows how many replies you have received posts.

LinkedIn Stats

In STUFF Social Statistics Network, LinkedIn’s metrics are among the most relevant as I saw that it is a Social Network dedicated full at work to the world and the business. So, to know you of the performance given your individual Accounts, you only need to consult “Who saw your profile” option , in the ” Profile” tab inside the site, as shown in the image is to follow:

social statistics of networks - of linkedin profile

The main metrics that or LinkedIn offers in is your individual profile:

  • Profile Views: Show to Number of people sometimes in your visited or you profile during past 90 days.
  • Actions performed: indicating or number that times you interactions generated (comments recommendations or tanned, and that times you added new contacts).
  • Dice on visited who your profile: Show how many people posts by detailed with your work visited profile.


In addition, you may not see LinkedIn your Business Pages statistics To know them, you only need to access your in the page tab and click ” Analysis” the Prune see in the image to follow:

statistics of social networks - Business linkedin page

After accessing, you find each one of the posts that shared and the corresponding statistics the Prune in the image below see:

User statistics social networks - Stats business page posts linkedin

The metrics or LinkedIn you offer for each post on your business page are:

  • Impressions: shows how many times that number is displayed
  • Clicks: indicates that times or numbers have clicked content in your name or your company logo.
  • Interactions: displays how many comments, recommendations and times in shared was your post.
  • Participation: Show or number of Interactions Added to number of clicks, hair divided that number Impressions or post received.

Statistics not Google+

Of the other statistics of social networks that are not listed in this than or Google+ offers. For Access-from your page is not Google+, you should heading to or left located menu on the side gives its page and then click on the “My Business” option . Then, you’ll get a welcome announcement, and finally appear in the Statistics panel, as Prune see follow:

User statistics social networks - google +

You should have the I noticed on the Prune panel yourself to get metric from your Google+ page , from your YouTube channel (owns you) and from Google Analytics, marry you into an account have such a service. More details to know about the statistics of your Google+ page , click must not View Statistics button  . In followed, you can view your metric Google+ Page in much more detail as Prune see follow:

User statistics social networks - details google +

The metric than or Google+ offers to respect your are the following page:

  • Visibility: Shows or total number of visits on your page. Click on the arrow next to the extensible title “Total 4,766 visits” (in our example), it will be able to see in detail the information views of your profile, photos and their publications.
  • Commitment or Engagement: displays indicators will “give publications action” (clicks, +1 RECEIVED, comments and times in your post I shared was), “Recent publications” (displays your last 5 updates) and “mean actions by type of publication “ (Show Interactions, +1 and two your comments the links, photos, texts and videos). To view all given you must not click the “Commit” button , located next to or the “visibility” button , which appears image above in the.
  • Audience: This parameter Shows your new followers and provides you with your hearing that can be filtered by country, age and sex . This feature is only enabled when your Google+ page gets you 200 followers.

No Pinterest Statistics

If not of the options, So as to count with Business people statistical accounts can access them. To know them, you’ll need to access the menu settings within your profile as Prune see in the image to follow, and then select the “Analytics” option .
User statistics social networks - pinterest

In followed, you will appear in the General Statistics panel, you will get a panel of your account in the form of graphs, as you can see in the image below. In addition, you can establish in which period your account’s progress know how to analyze, to know, or the peaks of success inactivity to your related publications.

User statistics social networks - company profile pinterest

The most important panels to analyze your Pinterest account are as follows:

  • Your Pinterest profile: here you find times Quantity of that profile was your visited and your you how many clicks for links received your site, among others says.
  • Pins more Your seen: you Show to Quantity of Interactions your that will receive pins as Show the image below. There you can see or number of Prints, repins, clicks and Tanned one of your each received posts.



  • Your public: this and another important panel of Pinterest Analytics, as that shows on your audience allow you to know your best to guide strategy and choose your most effective content. Two tells you you find are age, sex, origin and your public interests.

You must have the noticed, statistics of social networks have increasingly relevant more in thermos digital marketing, which is why I advise you to review your metrics with Frequency Accounts. This will allow you to measure your Social Media efforts in and know next how you your goals are to meet goals.

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