Custom tabs and Facebook applications: when they work and how to use

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Abas (or applications) are those little windows that appear just below the page’s cover photo. By default, Facebook offers five options of them: photos, tanned, events, videos and notes (the display of the last three is optional). Since each page can have up to 12 tabs, you can create custom tabs and provide more relevant content for your audience.

You want to know the best? The  customization can be performed with iFrames, which are basically an HTML document inside another HTML document. What does that mean? Everything that a website be able to do in HTML can turn an application, it is as if they were pulling content from a web page into the Facebook.

Now that you know this, explore the context of your business and think of interesting options and help people to find information about their products and services.

When an application can help my business

Let’s imagine a situation: if you are hungry and looking Japanese restaurants in Facebook, which would be an advantage to choose where to eat? If a page displays a tab with menu and you like the options, point to it.

At another time you’re looking for an agency of sightseeing in the city X. One option shows a tab with the offered tours and schedules. Do you think a legal and already schedule the tour. Often the visitor has neither the trouble of going to your site, what he seeks may already be on Facebook. In a world where no one wants to waste time point for you!

The ideas are numerous: from product pages and addresses of the stores by offering jobs in your company, as this example of Red Bull . Think about what information a visitor on Facebook need to make their purchasing decision. I’m sure there are plenty of options.

Generating fans (and Leads) with the Like Gate

You may have seen a Like Gate . This functionality, which is also a custom tab Alternatively, displays content for those who do not likes and another for those who already likes the page. See how our Like Gate:

Our example is a good option to generate Leads (as well as fans). We provide to the public some of our educational materials. So who clicks on offers falls into a Landing Page and let your contacts with us. The same can be done with other types of offers and products.

Apps to customize tabs

There are several options (free and paid) to create your tabs. Some offer ready – made templates by simply editing texts and images, or options to insert the HTML content you want. The  HTML Static  is a simple option, and it is possible to create Like Gates. The  Pagemodo  also offers the service, at affordable values.

Below I list alternatives almost “ready” and are also good options tabs for your business:

Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Flickr, Vimeo, Pinterest: a Facebook Application Center has apps to keep your audience on Facebook for the latest updates in their other media (note all options in the footer). Use the option to be a shortcut to your other channels!

Blog: with NetworkedBlogs  the latest posts from your blog appear on the tab.

FAQ: available the most frequently asked questions from their customers with the app Current events.

Contact: leave a contact form using ContactMe for people who want to talk to your company.

Livestream: will do some live broadcast? The Livestream allows that in the tabs.

Deals: although not necessary to use more applications to create promotions, Wildfire and Fanappz  are indicated.

For those who want something more sophisticated, a work in programming is necessary. In this case, this page can help.

Emphasize to your tabs

Often the timeline is a bit confusing and does not show the face of a company is, or what to do or sell. The tabs can help clarify this information. But for this, we need to be seen.

Who advertises on Facebook has an advantage: you can make a straight direction for them. There are two options that allow ads direct users to your tabs: “Page tanned” and “clicks on the site.” At the time I ride your ad, just choose one of these pages as a destination.

Another alternative is to take care with the cover images of each tab. Some applications define a default image, but you can change there and put something more flashy and with the face of your company (the dimensions are 111x74px). As the icon of our materials, which is next door.

Highlight them and take advantage of the potential of the tabs in favor of your business.