Custom Marketing: 5 Keys to Implementing It Properly

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All some time we received surprise email one, of which brand of some above and strange to buy sensation Be observed. This sensation arises after this type of initiative, which usually does not bring any benefit company.

It is essential to know how to work with Marketing for Custom it to the Refine type of customer with whom you want to talk, always with our of agreed industry of acting.

What is Custom Marketing?

Or personalized marketing is attracting in potential customers with the messages adapted to their needs and particular characteristics . This brings great benefits to both companies and customers, since that, when market segmented or form suitable finishing , or valued customer feelsfor the company, more achieve bandages, visibility and loyalty.

Or more difficult is a message that is to write personalized, more than do not exceed the invasive and end limits of the opposite effect . I have 5 good ones to make keys for personalized marketing .

1- Give product recommendations that customers do not know

One of the more techniques used by the companies is to display reminders people that have looked for specific products, more than they did not arrive at the purchase. This is called technique of retargetingand is not always very well customers hairs view, since that the companies usually are quite emphatic in showing up again with their products attracted to intention of-the again. Do not always want consumers will be reminded about Products already know that, prefer to know new items, which also with their have see likes.

A way to implement this strategy in marketing, for example, a store of Shoes, Could be the following: a woman seeks shoes in the page gives and the company store, in the inves send an email with the Shoes that visualized, send an email with a personalized Selection, designed specifically for ALS, agreed with the season and that I included New Products and some two were displayed.

Segmented marketingThe companies also send emails clients, have made a time to buy a similar product to or that finished to acquire. That’s a mistake, they do not want to because customers will buy something like they end up to or acquire. It is displaying products that should be of interest to them and that are compatible – price – with or previously bought.

This way, for example, is purchasing customer a one by internet jacket, the platform or bought where a send email after a week gives buy, with recommendations of more products like this . You see, it’s not a one-piece item you buy frequently, sooner, better would send Products the pants, shirts and other that DO NOT fit the tastes of the customer. He will not simply buy another jacket soon after having purchased a new one.


How many people are looking for New Products and effectively you buy, everything to get you adjust obtained results.

Tip : You can use online resources such as a Newsletter to automate sending your emails.  This way you already have Once you given two clients, just in the correct copy and send some Newsletter and two email templates at your disposal.

2- Interact when he or she is in ” shopping mode

Choose or Exact time to send an important message as long as it is or contents in if .

Segmented marketing

Let’s look at the example of Coca-Cola, which currently chose to share with a person by the name of the bottle. another to the bottle hand, with the name of a friend or customer buys his name with a refrigerant and Go, plus a PROBABILITIE to buy Coca is quite high.

But applying it to your local small business? For example, if you have a floriculture and receive a customer who buys flowers for your girlfriend on your birthday, send a message to him in the following year, a few days before From that date to Reminds you that Prune will buy a present again in your floriculture . It is a good option using techniques as the marketing whatsapp its customer achieve quickly and efficiently.

When a message on send wrong time, it is quite a possible lose customer. He can not be in “shopping mode” or even hired another service. For making personalized marketing, companies need to get two customers and know information when they need something.

Segmented marketing

3- Your customers when there are Notify or relevant events Products for them

An excellent strategy Marketing and will notify customers about relevant Products or about that are again available events. It can also be used to warn about or launch products of with their agreed prior purchases.

So for example, is you have an online store and realized that a client selected product one that was not in your desired size and color and therefore did not purchase, you can in the team in have rapier product again, send a message or warning that already available item is not size and in the colors that he wanted.

Have you precise and precise customer needs. Not a message can simply send the product with a same customer for already or bought.

In Custom Marketing, we should note two follow-up details of each client to be assertive when sending new proposals . A client that gets a message even with the product that they bought will not think that a company sends personal messages that they do not know or have any interest in. Or result? An image and brand of affected user who will buy in another place.

Segmented marketing

4- Know you customers, where they do not matter are

I expect companies to customers with them also to connect using off-line experiences . This is a very complicated task for many brands, a team requires to internal collaboration of several departments, but it Company can connect its departments, Prune to obtain excellent results with this strategy, already than or client feels that company or knows very well .

This strategy is followed by brands like Nike, when sponsoring a marathon and not end of the event send an email to you all registered participants, thanking your participation and offering them a promotion of run shoes, accessories for training, etc. Actions ESSA make or client feel-be thankful and appreciated.

This strategy works in a large number of sectors when correctly executed shapes . Remember not customers that you will feel like “spied on” by the companies, so the messages can not be abusive. Custom Marketing messages Should be released on special occasions and related events your brand, when you can know that add value user experience.

5 years Actual values ​​Show customers

Loyalty programs or “loyalty programs” are a fantastic strategy for your loyal customers and make them your products regularly . For this, it is what are the important to know that buy and Products with that Frequency or do. Thanks to this, Discounts and Make can give personalized offers for each user, depending on your two tastes .

A clear example of this is the Starbucks strategy. They send out emails to their customers saying that they are buying 3 drinks per week, they earn a provide. In addition, send emails from customers reminder years began to participate in the promotion to forget are not going to the end.

Segmented marketing

This creates satisfaction in the consumer believes that because of their cam enterprise customers and offers very interesting promotions.

Do you hear your customer?

To unwrap a Strategy and power take advantage of suitable finishing all Advantages These, necessary is your customer to know or wanted. For this, companies Measure “likes” on social networks Publication views and conversions ads to know that content and which GERAME more products engage consumers us.

The analysis tools are given essential to understand or the consumers’ behavior , more important they are also to listen to the client and know or he wants, as well as that would improve in his brand. The direct communication with customer is vital to understand it Helps perfectly and a better experience ab with brand . Thanks to this, you can further raise customized messages to customer or will with more to Feel the company and buy more regularly.

Essential listening is your client for performing good campaigns and not committing Custom Marketing mistakes as I mentioned above.

A good to raise marketing strategy Custom , you must take into account several factors. It is necessary to send and correct a coherent message, at the right time , always thinking in the client and in the history of relationship with your company . You need to know exactly how or in your client environment, which Products and it may be of interest to the piggy bank to convert a-the band.

The main objective gives personalized and Marketing generate new bands and retain customers, which is essential not to live in world, that I already in a customers TRUST: feel and it is valued by her with return to buy the same brands.

The incorporation a good personalized and marketing strategy company required for any good relationship you want to raise with your customers.