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Copywriting is one of the most important factors in the sale of any product or service, especially if your client is on the Internet. But if Fool who thinks that the copy is used solely for the purpose of sale. You can also use the text to convince your visitor to subscribe to a newsletter, watch a video or take a survey, for example.

In a nutshell, copywriting is the ability to persuade your visitors or potential customers to engage with you, break the possible objections regarding your product and show how your solution is ideal for those people.

To give you an idea of the importance of this process within the sales strategies, there are professionals entirely dedicated to this function: copywriters .  

In this guide, we will share with you what we have learned on the subject working on Hotmart and other professionals.

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What is the difference between Content Marketing x x Copywriting Copywriting? At what point use copywriting techniques? What does a copywriter? What information do you need to get started? How to increase the engagement of your ads? What are mental triggers and why use them? You know what is storytelling? What not to do in copywriting? How to combine copywriting and SEO?

What is the difference between Content Marketing x x Copywriting Copywriting?

It is a common confusion in differentiating copywriting, content marketing and copywriting, after all, all three work with the production of texts for brands, right? What differentiates these techniques are the objectives and the instruments used to achieve them.

First of all we need to clarify a common confusion about the term copywriter. The English word used to name any people who write texts, but in the digital marketing market this name is mostly used for professionals who write short texts focused on conversion as emails and ads.

The copywriting works with a strong research the needs of buyers and performance analysis in several details of the text, focusing on the short-term result of that action. With a good text face copywriting, you can create ads that generate immediate sales and simple actions to measure success.

But the content marketing is more concerned with the consumer journey, attracting new customers through materials such as blog posts, ebooks and infographics. Generally, content marketing results are perceived only in the medium and long term.

Finally, the copywriting is more involved with the construction of the brand image, considering actions that will make your project be recognized by the public.

It is noteworthy that, despite fulfilling different roles, the copywriting is essential for your content marketing strategy, and vice versa.

Think of it this way, if you’re writing great articles, but are not attracting the right traffic to your page, it becomes increasingly difficult to become a reference in your niche and thus generate income from their texts. The copywriting works to attract visibility to your page and, when directed properly, can help you win assiduous readers and even consumers to your product.  

The opposite also happens. If you create amazing ads, but when you click the link, users are directed to a site with poor quality content, the more likely it is that you have a high rate of click, but no conversion . In this case, it is your content that needs improvement.

At what point use copywriting techniques?

Unlike what many people think, copywriting is a very old technique, used by various companies well before the Internet became popular.

And despite sharing similarities with content marketing, copy materials found its first major space in the United States, with direct marketing.

Imagine a time when it was common to send sales letters (direct mail) to consumers. The professional responsible for writing these letters needed to create interesting material enough to attract more buyers and send cover costs hundreds, thousands and even millions of cards.

This need has transformed the text into a sales tool and today to win a ROI positive in their campaigns on the Internet, you must have the same thought. Therefore, you should use the copywriting techniques in all processes of interaction between your brand and your customer.

This means that your text must be persuasive, even when you are providing a free content to your audience. After all, in many of these interactions, you are asking the contact information lead , in exchange for material that is delivering.

If your audience does not see value in what you are offering, whether free or paid service, it is unlikely that it will become a regular player and, of course, you will have fewer opportunities to nurture the relationship with this user and torná- it a recurring buyer.

What does a copywriter?

They are wrong who think that the job of a copywriter is restricted to writing. To be honest, writing is the fastest and easiest part of the job.

Before drafting the text of a sales page , the copywriter should list what needs are relevant to the prospective buyer, doing extensive research on how to present the benefits of the product persuasively for the persona of your business.

It is the role of the copywriter to know what the customer demand in the product offered, and especially to understand what can remove him from the purchase: the calls objections .

For example, in time to advertise for a bakery, the copywriter should research where is located the bakery and understand the buying habits of the public who frequents the establishment. Only then he can decide whether more worth saying that the bread is always warm or stress that there are lots of cakes.

Yes! Decide.

A good copywriter to decide to which public should advertise and what are the most important benefits of that product or service. After all, are very rare cases of companies that can advertise generic and effectively.

The key is to be specific when writing, making the text is like a garment tailored to the client. If you are advertising to Bahia, the text “Famous luxury store reaches Savior” will have much more impact than “Famous luxury store arrives in Brazil”, right?

What information do you need to get started?

As we said before writing, do extensive research on what our customer wants and what in our product is most relevant to this audience.

For this, you need to know very well your persona, seek to understand it and speak closely to their daily lives. Pay attention to the pain and dreams of those users. It is in the comments on social networks, e-mail replies or polls that you will find the ideal language to use in their texts.  

How about a practical example?

Andrew is a personal trainer ready to open a gym in the Gloria neighborhood and use the Facebook to announce the news, reaching only residents living close to the gym.

For Andrew, the highest qualities of his academy will be:

1st place: the new equipment
2nd place: the short workouts
3rd place: dance classes and weight training

He already knows that there is only one other facility in operation in this neighborhood: the Academy Square, famous for its service above average, but with old equipment.

Before creating your ad, Andrew was in the neighborhood stores asking the owners if they attended the Academy Square and, if not, for what reason.  

In many of the conversations, Andrew was surprised to find that the old equipment Square Academy were not a problem for the residents, but the very extensive exercise routines.

With this information, the personal trainer can create ads that highlighted the short training it offered, being much more assertive in his campaign.

That was just a demonstration of how the profile of your customer is important to attract and retain new customers.

In short, before creating your sales text, always have listed:

  • What bothers your prospect?
  • What are your dreams and how your product can help you achieve them?
  • As your persona communicate?
  • Which channels it seeks information or spends more time online?  

These responses allied to the demographic data from tools like Google Analytics should serve as a starting point for your content production.

How to increase the engagement of your ads?  

Hook (hook)  

In this part, you have a few seconds to get the attention of the prospective buyer. Use interesting information about your market, something that surprises those who are reading and convince him to give the entire presentation.

Example: Did you know that babies know the difference between good and evil before one year?  

Source, presentation and authority

After calling attention, you need to validate the information given, justifying the source. This time is used by the entrepreneur to demonstrate his authority on the subject, and especially strengthen its mission with that product.  

Example : My name is Lucia Guerra and I am an educator with 24 years of experience. Help moms and dads first time to overcome a period full of insecurities: the first months of the baby.

joint pains

Before creating your text or sales video , it takes you to list the problems and desires of the prospective buyer, showing how your product or service can help you.

Example: I know that you suffer from insecurity to take care of a being so small and still know nothing of the world.

Product presentation

Now is the time to present the product and say his mission in life possible buyer.

Example: What was developed in these 24 years of work is a complete material that teaches how to deal with the major questions of the first months of the child.

What it solves

The point is to say what pains the product solves, making clear that it works.

Example: Learn how to identify the first signs of the baby, understanding when he’s hungry, sleep or even with some common disease that era.

The product works for me?

Here, in addition to reaffirm that the product is for people who watch the video, it is important to validate this idea with testimonials from other buyers.

Example:  The New Parents course is for you who have little time to make classroom courses and is interested in giving the best care for your child.

See the opinion of those who have attended my classes and the results were:

-depoimentos other compradores-

Product benefits

List bonus your product for those who are buying.

Example:  In addition to all classes, to be part of the online course New Parents, you receive free access to the secret Facebook group to discuss with other mothers and fathers the most common questions.

Format, payment, access and guarantee

Show the user the product format, what value it will pay to buy it, how easy access (for digital products such as online courses and ebooks ), as well as information to ensure consumer rights, such as political Returns and warranty period.

Example:  The New Parents course consists of video lessons in an easily accessible site.

The payment is secure and your data is protected. Soon after the approval of the purchase, you already receive in your email login and password to immediately access the content.

I created a method to help parents and I am so excited and confident in the product that disponibilizarei it for 30 days so you can test it.

It works like this: sign in New course parents and, within a month, you give up and no longer want access to my training, just cancel it and I will return the registration fee.

Call to action

After showing all the benefits of your product, it’s time to show the next steps for the visitor through a clear call to action.

The call to action is the call to action basically is what you expect your visitor to do after reading the content of your page, click on your ad, etc.

Some studies show that the call to action in the imperative generates better results, since you are literally telling you what you should do, but you need to do some tests with your audience to see if this hypothesis works for your business model.


Download the free ebook on parenting.

What are mental triggers and why use them?

This term may seem strange, but surely you’ve been hit by this technique a lifetime.

You know that promotion at the supermarket announcing the last units of a product? Advertisements in which famous people recommend certain product? These two actions just mentioned are examples of mental triggers.

In the first situation, the advertiser is using the scarcity principle to generate urgency in the buyer, in the second, we see an example of social proof.

Mental triggers are one of the most important tools to convince the public to buy a product. The most commonly used are: scarcity, authority, social proof, community, reciprocity and beliefs.


The fact that a limited quantity of a product causes people assign it a higher value and feel that if they do not make the purchase at the time, will not have another chance.  

Example: Last items available from spring-summer collection


More people value the opinion of those who they consider an authority. Think about your journey as a consumer: before buying a makeup product, you seek the opinion of an influencer specialized in the subject or trust a blogger extreme sports?

Example: Know the method that Gabriela Pugliesi uses to work out at home.  

social proof

Whenever we buy something on the internet, we do a quick search to find the reviews of other buyers. positive reviews about a product can be a difference between a sale and a lost sale held.

It is noteworthy that social proof to be true to bring the expected results. With the advancement of internet, it is becoming easier to identify counterfeit social evidence and believe me, if the buyer feel cheated, he would never buy anything on their website.  

Example: Know online course that is unanimity among buyers.


One of the reasons why people buy is to be part of a community. Just look at concepts such as family, religion and nationality to understand that the human being is a social being.

To foster this sense of community can be an excellent strategy to attract your consumer.

Example: Be part of the largest community of virtual games in the world.


When someone has a good experience with something that you won, that person feels obliged to reciprocate. Therefore, we emphasize the importance of creating value for customers before proposing the purchase.

If you deliver often useful content, your followers will not care to pay to access the full content.  

Example: Download our free guide on Japanese cuisine.


Share your beliefs is the best way to generate identification of people who think like you.

Example: Do you believe that having focus is critical to your professional life? Click here and learn how to prioritize tasks on a daily basis.

You know what is storytelling?  

To make online sales , as important as having a good product is to create an engaging communication, able to attract users and keep them engaged until they feel safe to make the purchase.

One of the best ways to help grow your audience and improve your conversions is telling stories, ability also known as storytelling. The reason for this is simple: the human brain finds it easier to retain stories than to retain data.

So it’s easier for someone to be interested in your ad if you tell the story of a buyer who solved a problem thanks to your product, than the text to focus on features like length of videos, for example. The storytelling serves to humanize the product / service, and bring their consumer brand.  

>> Take the opportunity to learn more about the power of storytelling .

What not to do in copywriting?  

As you have seen so far, there are several essential elements for good copywriting. But of course there are also some mistakes that could compromise the quality of your text and hence your conversions.  

Let them.

Avoid technical content

Before engaging with your content, the reader needs to understand what you are saying. So avoid too technical language when describing your product. This is bad for the user experience and away from people who want to know more about it.

Some niches may require a slightly more technical language, but in general, keep the direct text and purpose.  

Avoid talking about you all the time

Imagine the following e-mail:

From: Producer
To: Client

Good afternoon, guy.

We saw here that you accessed my site and signed up on the mailing list. Would you like to buy an advanced mechanics course for only $ 1500?

Best regards

You may have noticed that in this case, the entrepreneur does not show any interest for the visitor and what he brought him into your site. He is only concerned with the sale.

It may seem counterintuitive, since its objective is to generate income with your business, but the truth is that people do not like to waste time reading a text that only talk about a product. Users want to identify with that content and, therefore, you should focus on the needs of your customer, before proposing the purchase.

Do not copy your competitor

Whenever you write some content, it is interesting that you do an analysis of what your competition is doing, it is likely that they have more knowledge than someone who is entering the market now.

But that does not mean you should use the same approach for other companies to talk to their audience. Your text should reflect your personality and values ​​of your company. This is one of the most important steps to demonstrate credibility and build a lasting relationship with your audience.

How to combine copywriting and SEO?

So far, we gave some tips for creating content that is attractive to your target audience. Now, we will teach you how to optimize your page to get the attention of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, and improve its position in the rankings.

Focus on experience

It does not help to produce memorable content if the person accesses your page and have to wait too long to load, if the menu is not intuitive or if you use blue light source in their texts.

It may seem silly, but all of the above are critical to the user experience and influence the engagement of their audience with the content.

Ensure that the user experience is positive is one of the greatest needs for those who want to attract more traffic and become a reference in its market. We need to give an incentive to the visitor will become a recurring player, because with so many options online, it is much easier for the user to close your page and search for another blog that addresses the same topic.

Choose good keywords

The keyword is the word that sums up the subject that is covered in your blog or website. The ideal is that it is specific as to help the visitor to solve a problem, and relevant to attract traffic.

One of the best ways to find good keywords is to research what are the most searched for terms that are related to the topic that you approach. For this you can use tools such as Google Trends, and Google Webmaster Tools Keyword Planner, all free services and available to anyone who has an account on Google.

After choosing your keyword, be sure to use it in the title of your article in MetaDescription and in the text so that the search engines identify the content that you’re addressing there.

Create content “scannable”

When producing content, think of alternatives to make the reading more fluid as possible for your visitor.

Avoid very large blocks of text and use images to enrich your explanation. This factor is especially important for mobile users, who view their content on smaller screens.  

Linking texts

Insert links in the text can help in the understanding of the subject and enrich the reader’s experience. A brief example: a post about content marketing may contain links to more specific content, such as social networking, e-book, among others.

It is important to set up your content management system so that the links open in another window, to prevent the person reading disperse and leave your page. If you take this care, the links will help your reader, directing you to topics that may also be of his interest.    

Anyone can do copywriting?  

Contrary to what most people think, the ability to write well is not something we are born knowing how to make, and so as a muscle in the body, the best way to improve this ability is exercising it.

So if you could give advice to the entrepreneur who want to create content would be: start writing. Create a blog or profile on social networks, share texts with his followers, just so you have a parameter to know the issues that suit your audience and what are the best ways to present your product.

In the case of copywriting for ads, our statement is to start with smaller investments and do some tests with your audience, not to waste budget to campaigns that do not generate results for your business.

If you are interested in working with producing content for the internet, check out our guide on how to create a blog.