Content is worth more than money in social media

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We’ve talked here about why having a blog for your company and gave seven reasons for a company to use Twitter . It is possible that you have already convinced of the benefits and perhaps even created your account. Then comes a common question: what kind of thing I speak in these new media?

One of the biggest mistakes companies to start its activities in social media is treating this channel in the same way that companies deal with traditional media, “pushing” his promotion to customers. In the traditional media marketing is focused on offer: presents a car, a perfume, etc. restaurant

Social media, users choose what they want to see, how long to stay and what to recommend. Its role is to give good ammo enough that he retwite, talk about your blog, put a link etc. If your website, your twitter, your blog or any other content is made only propaganda, it is very unlikely that you get success. Social media boss is not the money invested in advertising , the boss is the relevance of the content.

In this sense, the biggest suggestion we have for you to work content is TEACH .

Teach your customer something related to your business. It’s something you believe, know and have the capacity to produce good content without putting any financial investment.

Discover problems your target audience and teach him to solve. See on what subjects your audience write, tweet and research. Review the comments on your blog, read the questions you receive via email. Talk to customers. There are numerous ways to discover your market problems.

Teaching generates relevant and interesting content to the public, is a message that spreads more easily and attract more potential customers. Teaching also generates recurring and helps create relationship. If you just advertise your product, someone looking at the advertisement has two options: to buy or not. And when not buying, there is more to do with your company. But when you fall on your website and you are teaching, he can also buy or not, but there is a difference: if he does not buy, there is a considerable chance that he continue to follow its contents or even indicate to friends. It creates a bond, regardless of the customer’s buying time.

Teaching also helps the customer to change their purchasing stage. A professional camera is usually bought by those who already knew the basics of photography. A consultant is hired only for those who have already identified a problem or need. Only you decide to visit a country or city when you know about its tourist attractions. It is possible that many readers of our blog had no interest in Digital Marketing in the first post , and now began to consider investing in this medium. Teaching helps create demand on the client.

Finally, teaching brings credibility. To teach one must know. When I ask friends about a famous cook, about 80% cite Jamie Oliver. The reason: Jamie Oliver teaches therefore have the image it dominates the cuisine. The interesting thing to create that credibility is that when customers come back to you, are already sold. You do not need to show many reasons to choose your company, the customer know that you are good.

Our last tip for you to evaluate whether the content that is produced is relevant enough is: stop and observe all content produced by your company – website, Twitter, blog, YouTube channel, communities in social networks . You, imagining himself as a potential customer, follow this content? If the answer is no, why, then, someone follow you?