Content for the Funnel Top: what are the ideal formats and how to produce them

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A challenge for companies seeking new customers for your products and services is to produce appropriate content to publish on the website, blog and other channels. This is because a content with a more focused “seller” can ward off much of its audience – which applies mainly to those who are still in the early stage of the buying journey .

What is Funnel Top

This initial stage is called the top of the funnel (TOFU), the widest part of the sales funnel. This is where you get the highest number of visitors and need to pique their interest. The idea is to educate them to become customers in the future.

As you can see in the picture, the behavior is really similar to the shape of a funnel: many visitors arrive at the top and you have to help them go down to the bottom, through the relationship.


It is for this reason that the top of the funnel is so important, since it is through him that you will attract and educate potential buyers. At this stage, it is the first contact with the company and that is worth saying that “the first impression is the one that is.”

The Funnel Top is an opportunity for you to call people’s attention to problems they did not know they had. Thus, they are interested in and you can educate them in the solution of the problem.

Drawing a parallel, think that by putting more people into the funnel top, it is likely that more people also reach the bottom – which means more sales!

How to produce content for the top funnel

The idea, the thought of facing content Funnel Top (tofu), is to produce materials whose themes are more widespread, with clear language and easily accessible. To attract users at this stage of the buying journey, it is interesting bet on educational content that serves to cause more people to be interested in your market theme.

In this case, you will not speak of your product, service or even your business directly, but it will take useful information to readers about the area of ​​expertise that your company dominates quite rightly.

The content facing tofu is essential in Lead generation process, causing the user to advance another stage in relation to the purchase. With quality content, slowly you can retain visitors and engage them with your content, getting links and recommendations.

Many of the posts here in the blog and eBooks and webinars launched by RD are facing tofu. We speak of Digital Marketing because that’s our focus. But a financial consulting could do a basic guide to understanding investments, for example, while a material with healthy eating tips would be a good Funnel Top content for a natural foods company.

content formats for Funnel Top

Social networks

As we said, one of the objectives of Funnel Top is to attract visitors. Social networks are a great channel to funnel top as attract many types of audiences. Because of this, options such as Facebook and Twitter are useful to draw the attention of users to your business, attracting potential customers.

In social networks, the focus of users is not your business: they are there to connect with other people, both in personal and professional life. They are not seeking, therefore, for goods and services, but strengthen relationships. Its role then is to arouse their interest and take them to another place – in this case, your website.

It is important to remember here that social networks are a channel – you have to produce quality content and use them to distribute it. You can either produce content directly on social networks how to use them to share content made for other platforms such as blog posts and YouTube videos.

Blog Posts

Blog posts are a good users to content format at all stages of the purchasing journey, which includes the Top funnel. Moreover, in a blog post you can add a Call-to-Action to other materials on the same topic that has already produced.

Some examples of titles that you can use in your Funnel Top posts, thinking about more general matters related to the business of dealing your company:

  • Why watch “this issue” ?;
  • 7 benefits “as theme” to “this segment companies”;
  • What is the role of “this issue” in your company;
  • 5 ways to improve “as theme” in your company;
  • 10 things you should be doing on “this theme.”


The newsletters are one of the simplest and oldest forms of Email Marketing. They consist of a simple email, which is usually sent to all the contacts database. This means that all contacts that company will receive the same e-mail, regardless of their interests.

To have the possibility to address many issues, the newsletters are a good content format for those investing in the top of the funnel.

introductory eBooks

One of the most efficient techniques we use to generate Leads is the production of free eBooks on subjects of our field.

Although the production of this type of content is more labor intensive, many people do not mind leaving your email and some other data in a form on his return, as they will get a richer and more dense content. It is an exchange worthwhile for both sides.

Introductory eBooks bring titles like “Basic guide on [subject]”, “What you need to know about [subject]”, “10 Tips for [matter].”


This type of transmission tool enables your business to produce content and generate Leads with less effort than with the production of an eBook, for example.

When broadcast live, the webinar also helps create commitment. This is because, after launching registration for announcing its base transmission on a given day and time, this content will have to leave. It is also an excellent way to engage professionals from other areas of the company in the production of content – as a seller, a developer or customer service team.

For more tips, see the eBook + checklist How to produce eBooks and Webinars , we did especially on the subject.

Tools to generate qualified leads

Develop a tool is a good way to nourish Funnel Top of visitors. Depending on the idea, however, this may be more difficult to be produced material, as you may need a programmer, designer etc.

Some examples we produce – or help produce – are the Funnel Marketing and Securities machine .

In conclusion

The Funnel Top is essential for your business to grow, after all it is at this stage that you can attract and educate potential buyers.

You can use the purchasing journey tool to see in practice what would be the Funnel Top content applied to your business. Also, to create this content correctly, it is important to keep in mind your persona, you can discover through our personas generator .

And you, what content facing the funnel Top uses? Share in the comments.🙂

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Good reading!