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Have you thought about expanding your online business, increase your profits and further professionalize your digital company? The reseller hosting can be an alternative to all this. And more than that, to be the best resale!

This article deals with topics to you that just arrived and is new to the subject, and also for those already inside the business but want to learn more about reseller hosting .

Is ready? Check out our Complete Guide Reseller Hosting.

1 What is reseller hosting?

Reseller Hosting is when you host multiple websites on one plan and manages these accounts to their customers. And in case, you are the intermediary between the hosting service company sites and their customers, who have their websites hosted on a plan that you manage.

With the reseller can provide access logins so that each customer has autonomy of your site and at the same time the dealer has full management of these accounts through a management dashboard.

In other words, reseller hosting can be understood as a business model where it outsources web hosting services, added to the services you already sells as designer or software solution services.

1.1 To whom the reseller hosting is indicated?

The reseller hosting is recommended for professionals already working with digital technology and services, and want to add value to the services to provide lodging for guests.

For those resale is indicated

  • Agencies, freelancers, web developers and designers who work with retail sites and want to increase income through hosting service for the websites of customers;
  • ISP as a strategy to expand services to provide lodging;
  • SAAS who need hosting services for the operation of their software and add value to the product offering complete packages to the customer.

This list does not exclude entrepreneurial minds, as the reseller hosting is one of the best indications for those seeking alternatives to making money on the internet.

1.2 What is the difference between reseller hosting and shared hosting?

Imagine a scenario where your client needs to access the site management panel. You need to deliver access information, login and password, right?

In shared hosting you will have only one login for all sites and this can present a certain amateurism in your business, as this client can access the site from all other clients that are hosted on the same account.

The reseller hosting professionalize your business as each customer will have their individual password to use the cPanel and likewise will not have your information shared with other customers.

In addition, the management of the accounts are the sole responsibility of the dealer who can suspend separately each account that you have not paid on time, for example. This would not be possible in shared hosting.

Reseller per server versus resale by user


And you may have seen around resale Unlimited Hosting, right? It is our duty to explain the term “unlimited reseller hosting” does not refer to the plan with infinite number of domains or clients, but rather indicates that there are resources within a reseller plan, such as traffic or FTP users, who are unlimited. If you have more specific questions about unlimited reseller hosting , talk to our team!

1.3 What do I need a hosting service to ensure the quality of resale?

The main characteristics to be assessed when hiring a retail company are:

Uptime: Uptime refers to the time that the server where your site is hosted is available. It is recommended uptime above 99% to be considered a good service. Also check what your rights if a server gets out of the air and affect the performance of your site.

Space SSD: how do you expect your company to grow will determine the disk space that you must choose. Disk space limit will affect the growth of your retail business and also your clients’ site, because as their sites grow, they need more space.

Limit traffic: some plans have boundary between the data exchange between sites and their servers, or e-commerces, websites and blogs with many accesses require a higher limit to perform.

Support: a specialized technical support is vital, especially in Portuguese, as many retail companies headquartered abroad and are supported only in English. In the case of phenomena on the Internet, opt for a 24/7 support since you will be the intermediary between your hosting company and your customer. Calculate this response time among the three parties.

Security: as there is exchange of information, personal data, banking and financial transactions, security is related to the history and reputation of the hosting company in the market.

CMS & Site Creator: check which CMS are available for resale, the most common such as WordPress or Joomla! They are an attraction for customers, also WooComerce inside of WordPress, Drupal, Prestashop, and in some cases even up to Magento. A creator of own sites is also a great argument.

The Hostinger has a site builder called Żyro own. Easy, friendly and optimized for SEO.

Remember that this service will be passed on to third with his name. So choose carefully to find the  best reseller hosting .

1.4 Advantages for you reseller

Learn the advantages to choose a web hosting reseller plan:

  • All sites in a single panel WHM for you and access the cPanel for customers, that is, will have total customer hosting control and may release customer autonomy as desired;
  • Free SSL for you and for all of its customers;
  • You can activate a hosting plan in time for the customer, without he need to make a contract and then you have to set everything is much more agile;
  • Charge as you want to each customer, and the commitment to the hosting provider will be a fixed value, can offer even cheaper service that a hosting company;
  • No need to invest and maintain a dedicated server, which is very expensive, especially if take into account the costs for personnel, support, etc ;
  • Having your own brand, create service packages, further professionalizing their work and provide services mainly for those working with retail sites;
  • In Hostinger, c atom dealer will have a dedicated resource from our server, according to what has been contracted, and can create their own packages and options that will be available in the customer’s cPanel;
  • Autonomy to create / delete accounts, Suspend / Activate accounts, change packages, among other features.

1.5 Advantages for your customers:

  • Each client will have an administrative panel cPanel with individual login;
  • Permission to create emails, subdomains, notes according to the package that you set for each customer;
  • SSL certificate;
  • advanced technology to create a robust, high-performance site;
  • Support, as the plan hired by you.

2 Reseller Hostinger: Server User Plan and Plan

The Hostinger offers two categories in reseller hosting plans, as follows: Reseller Reseller per server and per user to adapt to the profile of each retailer and its business model. Understand each.

In Reseller per server can hire plans as the disk space limit that can be 60 GB, 90 GB, 130 GB or 160 GB, and you can customize packages with different sizes for its customers.

The support on the server per plan is offered only to the dealer, and it should provide support for their customers.

These plans are recommended for those with customers of different sizes who need to customize plans and resources to provide for each of them.

Reseller Hosting per server

In the Reseller per user, 10 GB are available disk space SSD, which allows you to create robust, high-quality sites. In reseller hosting plan you pay R $ 11.50 per user, and the minimum requirement is 5 initial accounts.

Support this plan is extended to the retailer and to your customers if you want.

Reseller Hosting per user

And a tip: know that in reseller hosting Hostinger has 30 days free? Click here to learn more.

3 How does the support in the aftermarket?

The reseller websites is who gets the support of the hosting company. In Hostinger support is 24 × 7 and entirely in Portuguese.

This practice is adopted for you will be a hosting reseller, like a hosting company. And as the resale is possible to charge different values, is not the least bit interesting that your customers know our values, agree ?.

But by user option can be offered support for customers reselling.

4 How does the migration sites in resale?

The migration sites may be an additional service offered by the hosting companies and each has specific limits and conditions.

In Hostinger resale, migration of free sites is fast and without complications, performed by staff specialized in migration. It is a bonus for the dealer and must be requested through a form .

The process can last up to 72 hours but their sites will not be off the air in no time.

Already emails, will all be migrated instantly for those who already uses cPanel. Otherwise, you must back up all the e-mails and reconfigure them manually.

5 How to Make Money on the Internet with reseller hosting?

Many delude themselves with the idea to make money on the internet but the reality is not so when it comes to resale.

It is our role to tell you that it takes time investment to acquire the basic knowledge needed to have resale and then with the proper administration and management of the sites start making money.

You will be outsourcing services to its customers. So well choose your reseller hosting company and also know what you are doing, after all customers will have contact with your brand only.

Reputation and credibility are built with an excellent and continuous service. Then Hire a company specializing in technology and focus on your customers’ experience when using these services.

Among the responsibilities of a dealer are the experience to indicate the best features that the customer needs to have a great site, service and support to customers and financial management, which we will discuss below.

5.1 What is a billing software?

billing software systems are used to assist in the financial management of a company.

To manage your reseller you use the WHM. However, to manage the financial side, we recommend a third software indicated by own cPanel.

5.2 What is the best billing software?

WHMCS : the English term WebHost Manager Complete Solution, WHMCS has a great design and support, modules but is a smaller system when deciding to make changes to the code and files are not decoded.

By WHMCS you can send invoices in multiple currencies; automate the creation and suspension of hosting services; register, transfer and renew domains; data analysis. Get the WHMCS directly on the official website .

Blesta : also among the best systems for customer management, Blesta features a user – friendly design, is more receptive to change and have the decoded file.

Among the main features we highlight the possibility of creating a support through tickets and viabilizarem customers to add various billing methods to their accounts.

If you need more advice before deciding on a software, search for ClientExec, BoxBilling or HostBill.

5.3 payment channels for customers

Time to choose the best payment to offer its customers, we recommend ContaAzul, PayPal, or Bcash

Choose the one that fit the size of your business to invoicing, receipt, payment and protection systems.

6 What is cPanel?

The cPanel would your customer control panel, it is this panel that it will manage and host your website, create email accounts, FTP accounts, MySQL database, and other features.

6.1 As used reseller hosting?

But so that he can have such autonomy, you need to create an account for your customer! And that’s where the game begins: to create the account for your customer, you need to create a package in WHM. But first let us understand what is WHM in the following topic.

7 What is WHM?

The English term Web Host Manager, WHM is the panel where the dealer can manage your reseller.

It is possible to create custom packages, create customer accounts, suspend or exclude them and perform upgrade or downgrade at any time. By WHM you will have access to all their customers.

7.1 How to access the WHM?

There are three ways to access your WHM, they would be:

1 – Form: At address “seudomí / whm ‘ * You can use this method only if the domain is pointing to our DNS servers. 2 – Form: At address “seuip / whm” * Replace with the real address of your IP address.

3 – Form: Directly at your cPanel control panel, on the “Manage WebHost”

What is WHM and how it helps in reseller hosting

7.2 What is a package in WHM?

The package is nothing more than the plan purchased by your client. It is in the package you determine what services he is entitled, what is or is not included. Just like you did when you choose the plan of their hosting sites .

It is the package that will determine the boundaries of the plans that you will make available to its customers, the amount of GB that it will have available for the use of it, the amount of additional domains, sub-domains, FTP accounts, email accounts among others.

7.3 How can I create a package?

Inside your WHM, you can search for “Add a Package”

What is WHM and how it helps in reseller hosting

Now you can give a name to your package, in this case we can be used as an example, we have our packages Single, Premium and Business , it is now time for you to create your package!

What is WHM and how it helps the reseller hosting

In this option you can create it as you wish and according to the need of their customers, recalling that when determining certain amount of GB to a client, it will be reserved for him and can no longer be used by you.

7.4 How to create an account?

After the creation of the package, it is time to create an account for your customer! Simply go on the “Account Features” on “Create new account”.

What is WHM and how it helps in reseller hosting

In this option you fill in the basic information about your client, such as his domain, what is your user name, password and registration email. After completing the data will have to choose the package that the customer will be allocated.

Now you have your first customer hosted on resale. Is this the same way you create your other customers

7.5 How do I change my password to access the WHM?

To change your password to your WHM, just go on the “Change Password” on the “Account Features”

What is WHM and how it helps in hosting reselling

7.6 How do I change the password to access the cPanel a client?

To perform the cPanel password change your client, you need to access the WHM Reseller panel, on the “List Accounts” next to the domain will have a +, just click on it and “Change Password”What is WHM and as an aid in reseller hosting

Simple, is not it? The WHM serves to facilitate the web hosting reseller and thus increase their online results.

8 What is DNS?

The Domain Name System is a system linking your site (domain) and IP number. It is the existence of the DNS that your site is found on the network, accessed and then becomes available to users.

Several dedicated servers are spread around the world to make that connection. And in each of these machines is a list of site names and their numbers to identify these areas.

After that, when the address of a page is requested on the network, the servers receiving the information and forwards it to the requested site.

8.1 Custom DNS

In retail you will have a custom DNS . This way, your customer will not know who will be staying with a hosting company, making your business more professional. See how:

  1. Access WHM and click Edit DNS Zone.

editing dns resale

2. Select the primary domain resale and click edit.

Select Primary Domain Resale

3. By accessing, will see a screen like this.

Screen edit dns

4. Once below, will have to fill fields and must fill out this form by putting your domain in place of

Customize dns resale

5. Click Save.

9 How security works in resale?

Already cited as one of the indispensable requirements when hiring your reseller hosting, security is one of the most assertive arguments on sale.

We cover five essential elements to increase their safety and their clients on the Internet.

9.1 SSL Certificate

SSL comes from the English term Secure Socket Layer, and encrypts the information exchanged between the user and the server, protecting this data is essential for all websites and blogs, especially e-commerces where there is exchange of confidential data such as card number passwords and credit.

status ssl certificate

As shown in the illustration, Google notifies the user about the site’s security conditions as unsafe, not completely safe and secure.

And even the force include https, the message is:

no particular connection

In addition to the security that is essential in the network, the SSL certificate can help the SEO of your website and improve the ranking of websites in search engines. Read more about SSL in this article .

In Hostinger the reseller plans the reseller receives SSL certificates free for all customers.

9.1.1 How to configure SSL in resale?

  1. Access your WHM and navigate to the list of your accounts;
  2. Click the cPanel icon (no need to ask for login and password of your client);
  3. After logging in the client’s account, scroll down and check the “Security” tab;
  4. This option will have an icon called “Let’s Encrypt ™ SSL”;

installing ssl resale

5.Ao access Let’s Encrypt ™ SSL check the domain or subdomain you want to install the certificate and next, click on “Issue”;

Installing the ssl reseller hosting

6.  After clicking ISSUE, will open the window below and probably the options highlighted in purple will be cleared.

installing ssl resale   7. If you are interested, you can check the options and click Issue again.

   8. Wait load the certificate and displays the message below and click back.

Installing ssl resale

9.  At the end of the installation of SSL, it will set the URLS

installing ssl resale 10. Okay, now you can access your site to make sure that the certificate is installed.

Antivirus 9.2

malicious software can install on your computer with internet access. The famous viruses are intended to damage, interrupt activity or steal sensitive data and to prevent these actions you need an antivirus.

Check the security of your site by Sucuri . You can scan your site and identify potential threats.

9.3 Anti-DDoS?

English Denial Of Service, the attack denial of service aims to overload a server with simultaneous attacks so that it is unavailable and your site down.

One tip is to use the Cloudflare, which is an anti-DDOS system (simultaneous attack), which is a “copy” of your website, and attacks only see the page copy preventing your site get off the air.

Backup 9.4

In reseller hosting the backup is done automatically once a week, and every new backup performed will subscribe to the old one.

In need of more backups with Hostinger resale, both the dealer and the customer is empowered to request more backups at no cost.

9.4.1 Full Backup on Sale

To back up manually customers of resale, you must first access the customer’s cPanel account you want. By accessing cPanel at the beginning have an option to search, and in this field, type “backup” in this way:

perform full backup on resale
After logging in, simply click “download a full site backup.”

Access backup resale
After requesting the full backup, you have some important information:
1. Determine whether there are any backup now available.
2. You put your e-mail or e-mail you want to receive a notification when the backup completed.
3. If it is not necessary, you can clear the notification option.

Completing backup resaleAfter that, just click on “GENERATE” and wait for backup.

NOTE: When your backup is finished, you will see an OK signal on the previous page under “Backups available for download.”

9.5 Antispam?

You know those unwanted messages received by email? The antispam is the solution to prevent and block these messages.

10 Apache, PHP and MySQL: what are they?

To build a website you must install LAMP on CentOS 7, where the APACHE serve content to the browser, while PHP will execute the code and will consult the MariaDB to obtain the necessary data.

Apache is the server software HTTP popularly known and the oldest. The Apache project is maintained by the open source community Apache Software Foundation , which means it is free.

11 How does the e-mail in resale?

The email service can be used to trigger 100 emails a cPanel. But check the terms of service to know their limits.

In Hostinger, the amount of e-mail storage is within the plane of contraction, according to the limits. Sending emails is a maximum of 100 per hour.

12 What programming languages ​​work in reselling?

The languages ​​that you can apply in your resale are HTML, CSS, PHP and JAVASCRIPT.

13 What is the difference of Hostinger Reseller Plans for other companies?

  • 24/7 technical support in Portuguese via chat, ticket and telephone;
  • Free SSL certificate for all domains created in the resale;
  • Reseller hosting with 30 days free for you to test;
  • Migration of all sites / domain that you own free;
  • Servers located in the United States;
  • reseller plans per user, exclusive Hostinger service;
  • Best cheap reseller hosting Brazil.


Ready! Now you have enough information to choose the best reseller hosting and increase profits of your business. If you have questions, leave a comment that we will do everything to clear up. 

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