Companies can now add videos to Google My Business

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A collaborator of Google, Allyson Wright, announced that from January 12, 2018, an upload tool videos are available for Google My Business users.

Business owners who use the Google tool can “watch videos by customers and upload videos about their companies to assist customers,” said Allyson Wright. Until then customers and business owners could only add photos.

You can post videos up to 30 seconds long. They will appear in a tab in the Google My Business dashboard. After uploading, you can take up to 24 hours for the video appears. When the upload is complete, the video should appear in the same location as the photos appear in Google search results.

Adding videos to your Google My Business account

To add a video to your business page, go to your dashboard and click Photos. Then select Video.

After loading your content, choose Posting videos.

videos google my business

Launched in 2014, Google My Business is one of the tools that can help potential customers to have a more complete access to the information of your company. According to Google, “validated companies are twice as likely to be considered respectable by users”.

At a time when many social networks are investing in video format, this Google My Business news reinforces this trend. For local businesses, add a video profile is one more way to show your establishment and help potential customers make decisions for their company.

The possibility for clients to add videos while in a store or other establishment is more a form of interaction and also contributes to this decision-making.

And you already use Google My Business? Will take advantage of this new ability to add videos? Share in the comments!