Collaborative hacks: how to engage the whole team in content production #RDSummit

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If you need to produce more content, but does not have exclusive people for this function, engage employees from other areas of the company can be a way out.

But how to do this when all already have other activities to do?

The journalist and co-founder of Contentools, Emilia Chagas, brought to the Summit this year RD 5 collaboration hacks. Are tips that will help you convince your team about the importance of collaborating with the blog of your company.

See what she has learned in 10 years working with content production:

1. Encourage people to autogerenciarem

This ability, which Emilia Chagas calls extreme ownership consists of each be responsible for what to do. In the production of content, helps employees commit to the text you write, without anyone need to be charging at all times.

This is the technique used by Empiricus, who helps ordinary people to multiply your winnings and win financial independence. The company can untangle issues related to finance emailing a newsletter with engajadores content.

2. content production Contact the description of vacancies

Another idea to activate the mode content producer to its employees by placing this assignment already in the job descriptions when hiring.

This practice is followed by itself Contentools: everyone who enters the company already knows that will need to produce a monthly content. The texts are revised and published following the editorial line of the company. Then, is accompanied by the results to see if the content generated engagement.

3. Give rewards to those who write

During the lecture, Emilia Chagas also cited the example of DR (we flattered!). We often talk here on the blog about the importance of engaging employees in time to produce content, and the best way we found was to offer prizes for those who write.

The authors of texts for the blog part of a monthly award, made according to the most visited posts in the first 7 days. Having escrevido for RD blog was also a criterion to select employees who wished to speak at the Summit RD.

4. Invite columnists and followers to contribute

If you need a large amount of content, you can search for people who would like to write for the blog as a way to advertise their products. The idea is that they are columnists posting periodically.

Also, you can invest in user-generated content (or user generated content ), inviting his followers to contribute to the blog.

This tip is interesting because these people already have their own followers and to disseminate the post, can attract new visitors to your site.

5. Enjoy your experts

Here, the speaker cited the example of Endeavor. In the company, the content comes straight from mentorias given by entrepreneurs for beginners.

This is a way to reuse the experience of specialists of your company on other issues, leaving more free marketing team to carry out other activities such as editing, review and optimization of texts.

“Content Marketing is nothing more than converting knowledge you already have content. The more this knowledge help the public, the more results you will get. There is no secret and it’s easier than it looks, “he concludes.