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Understanding how digital marketing works, its key strategies and practices is an excellent opportunity to increase the results of any company. However, there are few colleges that offer such training to students interested and many do not know where to seek knowledge.

In addition to this difficulty, those who work in the field know that updates are constant: suddenly, a new social network or changes occur in analysis tools metrics , for example. Keep up to date with best practice is essential to ensure the success of their actions.

The purpose of this post is to list some suggestions, both paid and free, so you always stay within the Digital Marketing Universe.

1. Reading blogs

Follow blogs that are a reference in the area is a very important habit to keep up with the latest digital marketing news and their specific areas, such as social media.

Moreover, as they are platforms aggregating content, the reader has the opportunity to access and learn from older publications.

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2. Teaching materials

There are several books, eBooks , whitepapers and guides on Digital Marketing available in the market at affordable prices or even free.

To gather examples, graphics, case studies and in-depth information on the subject, these rich materials are a good source of information and consultation.

In the DR site, there is a specific area of Educational Materials . There you will find about 80 free eBooks and varied topics. Introduction to Digital Marketing, content production, social media, media buying, SEO and Email Marketing are just some of the issues.


For those who prefer the ease of watching videos, webinars are also good sources of information.

They offer an extra opportunity: during transmission, you can interact with the speaker by sending questions and comments.

As an example, follows some webinars on Digital Marketing that RD has already presented:

  • Webinar series on marketing and sales funnel ;
  • Webinar series on generating Leads ;
  • Webinar Series on Content Marketing

4. Participate in forums, groups and communities

Talk to people who have an interest, knowledge and questions on the subject is one of the best ways to learn Digital Marketing. In groups, participants can ask questions, share what they know and indicate references (articles, books and other materials).

Look for groups of people recognized in the field, which increases your chances of approach. A great way to find these classes is on LinkedIn, where users often connect around interests of topics.

5. Follow people and companies in social media

facebook digital results

Who does not use social media to stay informed? Follow people and businesses is how to subscribe to your news feed.

Channels like Twitter allow direct interaction with anyone. You can ask questions and exchange information with them. Try starting a conversation marking @ followed by the contact’s name on the network.

You are likely to have an answer. Maybe this is not the beginning of a very interesting relationship to your business?

Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are other social networks widely used in Brazil, which are full of companies and people sharing knowledge of Digital Marketing.

6. Participate in events

digital marketing events - summit rd

It is worth keeping an eye on the meeting agenda carried out by universities or companies on Digital Marketing, because many of them are free. It is increasingly common for events to be broadcast live over the Internet or recorded and made available for you to watch later.

On the other hand, be present in the meetings is an opportunity to meet people and to network, which extends learning possibilities.

We note too the exchange of information during our events, the RD on the Road and RD Summit . Held annually in Florianopolisーin 2018, will take place from 7 to 9 Novemberー, RD Summit is the largest Digital Marketing and Sales event in Latin America.

Worth seeing the video below!

7. Take courses

There are several teaching models: long or short, in person, the distance … There are courses that address the entire digital marketing area and more focused on a specialty, such as ads and SEO.

Do you know the Customer Success .

8. Hire a consultant

sales productivity

Have you thought about having professionals analyzing your business and its Digital Marketing actions to propose improvements?

Hiring an expert advice to point hits and misses, think of strategic solutions and indicate the best way to achieve results is also option for you to learn Digital Marketing in practice – while still ensuring the success of their actions.

If you need advice, know the RD Station Marketplace , where are gathered the best agencies and consultancies to leverage their results in Marketing and Sales.

extra tips

Put into practice these eight ways to learn Digital Marketing is an immense source of knowledge. Even more important it is to apply and validate the learning in your routine.

Remember: digital strategies made by large companies are not always the best stocks to small and medium businesses. When reading case studies or materials directed at corporations, analyze and identify what fits for your case.

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