Can You Tell Us A Bit About SEO?

What Is SEO And What Is Its Use?
What Are The Benefits Of Doing SEO?

Search engine optimization is the most important part of search engine marketing. Search engine optimization brings websites higher in the search results of a search engine in a natural, unpaid way.

A high positioning in the search engines can be achieved in various ways. The natural and relevant way of positioning is sustainable, but there are more and more factors that are important to achieve good results. A well-thought-out content strategy is increasingly the basis of search engine optimization.

There are 3 important pillars that influence the positions in the search results:

  • Technic; the website must be technically well organized so that the search engines can easily search the website. Also things like being suitable for mobile traffic, the security and speed of the website are of great importance.
  • Content; Search engines love websites with a lot of high quality content. It is also important that new content appears on the website with some regularity.
  • Popularity; the popularity is measured by the number of websites that refer to the website. It is important that the websites are of good quality and relevant to your website. Signals from Social media also influence the ranking in the search engines.

Search engine optimization is a very dynamic field. Due to the many changes in the operation of the search engines, such as the various updates that regularly appear, an SEO specialist is constantly busy adjusting the strategy. A good advice is to write for visitors and keep to the guidelines of Google.

High positions in search results are the dream of every website owner. Rightly so, because websites that do not end up on the first or even second page of results get hardly or no traffic via search engines.

More visitors and therefore potential customers for your website

You would like to attract more customers, but how can you easily realize this? With SEO or Search engine optimization, your website appears higher in Google and gets a better visibility with your potential customers.

Some simple interventions can already have a major impact on your findability and position in Google.

Make your website discoverable with keyword research

Just randomly choosing what keywords is not a good idea. Search terms that seem logical to you are not necessarily entered by visitors. SEO that starts from the wrong search terms leads to bad results. What words do your visitors use when searching for the products or services you offer? With an extensive research we determine the most suitable keywords. We take into account professional jargon, regional differences, possible confusion with other products, your competitors, etc ….

Technical search engine optimization

With a few relatively small technical interventions , your website can score a lot better in Google. Unique metadata, search engine friendly page titles, optimized images and custom URLs combined with the right keywords ensure maximum results.

Substantive search engine optimization

In addition to these small technical interventions, your website also benefits from a substantive optimization. We remove duplicate or irrelevant content and provide texts of the relevant keywords that we previously recorded during the investigation. Your website gets search engine friendly texts that are easily readable. This way you get the best out of your website.


SEO (search engine optimization) is a way to score high in search engines through qualitative content and a user-friendly website.

This not only offers benefits for the search engine user, but also for you. In this blog you can read all about the advantages of SEO.

Quality and user-friendly are central

You do not just end up high in the search results. Your website or webshop must be equipped for this. A qualitative and user-friendly (mobile) website has been an important prerequisite for findability since April this year. If your website, webshop or blog does not comply with this, you will be blamed hard by search engines like Google and you can forget about a high reproduction.

Why should I start on SEO?

These quality requirements are of course not just there. They are designed to help search engine users to find only those websites that really matter to them. That product or service that they are really looking for.

What does this mean for you?

This means that if your website is shown, when someone searches for a specific word, this person is also genuinely interested in your products or services. The chance that, when he finds exactly what he was looking for on your website, he buys this is much larger. Being found is only one of the many advantages of SEO.

Other advantages of SEO are:

Insight into ROI

One of the biggest advantages of SEO, which many organizations do not immediately think of, is that you gain insight into the added value of your ecommerce websites. With the help of Analytics you can see exactly whether your online strategy is successful and what you can improve to increase your ROI.

Increase sales through targeted campaigns

For example, you can see in Analytics what route your customers are taking on your webshop; which pages they view, to then come to a purchase. You can see exactly which keyword ultimately led to the purchase. You can use this information again for future SEO or Adwords campaigns.

SEO saves you money

One of the advantages of SEO, besides findability and insight, is the cost efficiency of the marketing tool. It’s a lot cheaper than Google Adwords – a way to get high in Google with paid advertising – and a lot more efficient. SEO focuses on search engine users who are actively searching for your products and services. The website traffic from SEO is more qualified than with many other marketing strategies. By applying SEO, you also save the high costs of a marketing campaign