Business Communication: The Importance of Social Networking for Your Business!

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How to choose between Freelancer or Digital Marketing Agency? Have you worked Online Marketing? Are you feeling the need to have an Online Strategy?

Your business is on the network or you are thinking of starting to help in digital marketing actions?

That content want to show you, as the communication of your company to its users on social networks is important!

The importance of social networks in the company’s communication with the customer!

Social networking is a window of opportunity for the company, either for brand, relationship or sales.

In the year 2000, Internet users were 6.5% of the world population. In 2015, this figure rose to 43%.

Also in 2015 the proportion of homes with connection to the network reached 46%. This percentage is higher in Europe (82.1%) and lowest in Africa (10.7%).

That is, 3.2 billion people are connected to the internet! These are data published by the UN .

People want to be connected, they want to chat, share, show what they like and what they dislike. Products and services are part of “us”, part of what we want to show and how we want to live.

So OPPORTUNITY NOT LACK to grow your business, for your company to be known and to sell on the internet.

And if the focus is to sell, check here the three stages of selling social networks to sell on social!

When you maintain communication on social networks you create a strong relationship between company and customer.

But to create this relationship, you need to understand who your audience  – the phase of identifying their Personas.

  • Identify the problems
  • How they behave on the Internet
  • What they like to see
  • About what they like to inform

Understanding this, you can create custom content for your audience, content to talk about the expertise of your company.

These contents can be videos, infographics, e-books, and other formats! Everything depends on your strategy and response in engagement data, your audience – what they consume more.

We have a content that can help you set your personas . From this definition you will be able to work more effectively its communication on social networks.

The importance of social networks for your business also includes:

  • content diversification

You can always renew your content, turning your blog content into an e-book, email marketing, make a video for youtube.

  • Marketing one to one, personalized content

Today consumers want exclusivity, so working in a personalized way is the best when it comes to relevance to your audience.

With social networks you can set a public right to receive certain information.

  • feedback

Understanding of what the consumer is thinking of your product or service. Reviews on your page.

  • multiple measurement Forms

Can you understand if your post work out, or if you still need to align your tone to its users.

  • Low cost

Unlike traditional stocks, work on communication and relationships on social networks has a much lower cost and is much more dynamic.

You can work with users organically, and use paid when you have promotions or something different action.

communication on social networks

Mistakes that companies make in social networks

Many companies do not understand the importance of social networks, and this lack of knowledge sin time to communicate and connect with users.

  • They make false promises about your products or services
  • It has a bad service
  • Do not answer the doubts and questions of users

In another case, often the companies emphasize on a funding strategy, but forget the maintenance strategy and customer loyalty.

You can lose these new customers and lose the ones you had when leaves out the maintenance and loyalty of these customers.  

According to IBOPE (2013b), in Brazil, 99% of all Internet users use or access the digital media and social networks!

business communication in social networks

What is the profile of Internet users in social networks?

The e.Life measurement company in social media, noted the 7000 behavior publications made by Internet users who made interaction with various brands and services in general, in 2014.

From this, the company identified similarities and created profiles to represent the different types of users. Let’s talk a little about each of them.

What is the profile of Internet users in social networks



Well, that’s the kind of users who have no company!

You’ve probably seen a lot of these through social networks. Users “agitators” are joined by others who defend causes similar to yours.

These groups have the following characteristics:

  • Abuse of profanity;
  • Causing fanfare;
  • Advocacy functions as guerrillas;
  • Fill the page with jokes to offend or denigrate the image of someone.

“Brand Lovers”

This is the type that most certainly and company wants to have!

Users “brand lovers” are keen to follow the brand, express their affinity, share content.

It’s the kind that makes reviews and reports that show how the brand is present in their daily lives.

The loyal customer type, which will defend the brand pages or channels, if needed.


The user “developer” is one that you can turn on user “brand lover.”

This type of profile like interacting with the publications, talk about your point of view, make suggestions and comment on how to improve the products or services.

But also want the company answers or ask questions or explanations. So, to make this a user “brand lover,” you have to be dedicated and respond with full attention.


It is the profile that you should avoid having, that user has negative experiences in relation to companies and brands, it is one that will write long texts, will mention the great impact that the brand has caused you.


If you make a mistake once, this profile will complain in all its networks. And, it is usually also the user “pleading”, likes to use the networks to apply for benefits, requesting free samples, free gifts, special plans, job openings, etc.

The internet is wide and full of possibilities, people want and are connected. Connect your business too!

Now that you understand a little more about the importance of social networks for your business, how about a monthly follow-up to leverage its results?

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