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We know that having a website with relevant, with unique content, a good number of incoming backlinks, shares on good domain authority is fundamental for a good placement on Google search. Joining these factors with a good link building is a key action for the achievement of the first positions.

If you are still only starting in the subject, I recommend the 6 steps to start in SEO in 2015

But after all, what is Link Building?

Link building comes down to getting backlinks (links from other sites pointing to your website naturally or not).

Previously, in the early days of SEO, it was a widely used tactic and generated many positive results for those who did, but negative most of the time for the user experience. The reason is that in the past a site that had just been created could get dozens of very low quality links and still be the first research positions for a very important term.

This was done in a simple way: raised up links in comments space with perfect anchors, links to dozens of sites footer, the sitewide (sidebar of a site where there are usually links to categories or social networking boxes) of various websites and so on. This created a very large network links from hundreds of sites and the Google algorithm was easily fooled by these strategies.

Imagine that a few years ago I could have a website with the address ” www.boladefutebol.com.br” and then create hundreds of links with the anchor text “football” pointing to my site without Google penalize me and yet rewarding me for the words “football” in the root of my domain. First position was in the right!

This was done by various websites and for reasons usually not very good. A typical case was that of “money sites”, which aimed to generate money at any cost. Could it be banners of paid advertisements, where the higher the number of visitors more you could charge, or even a site offering a product at a very attractive price, but with the intention to pick up your personal data and sell them later.

This technique was also used by sites that had no bad intention, but the user experience to the survey was not very good most of the time. The contents could not have the necessary depth or even being a serious company, they tried to be in the top positions for several words with a high number of searches and little to do with your business.

Currently, this type of strategy is classified as black hat seo .

I work with Link Building?

The answer is yes!

It’s not that Google says we must win our links naturally and do not use link building we can not create a strategy safe link building.

Incoming backlinks are still one of the most important factors of organic ranking , but how to conquer these backlinks evolved along with Google ‘s changes.

To achieve the best results with link building work, we now avoid excessive backlinks with anchor perfect, as in the example of football. We would say to never not create this kind of anchor, since Google is smart enough to understand that this link has more the purpose of manipulating the algorithm to help the user. Remember that the user experience is the main issue sought by Google.

In that same post you can see how the links have been created so far: to quote an important article we used a brand anchor for important quotes and parts that require more details, I used words of the text in a natural way. Google’s algorithm is now able to understand the proper correlation of words around the link.

To put it in examples:

“The company Digital Results specializes in digital marketing results and is in the city of Florianopolis

As you read this information, the bot is able to interpret the results Digital works with digital marketing and is in Florianópolis, thus helping in the ranking of a word important for the company: “digital marketing”. If this search is made in Florianopolis chances to show up in the first three positions are even greater.

Now, changing the position of the link as SEO professionals were accustomed before, we would have:

“The company Digital Results specializes in digital marketing results in the city of Florianopolis

This completely changes the setting to the bot’s eyes, shows that we are trying to use the unnaturally link to manipulate the algorithm in a way not recommended by Google. Of course having a very small proportion of those links will not cause harm, but in exaggeration we can take a punishment for spam and undermine a long-term strategy.

In addition to the link position and create these links naturally, it is important to maintain the context of the link. In general, it makes no sense you have a site about engineering and get a link on a blog or website that talks about fashion.

It is not natural in any way, unless, for example, that your company is responsible for the house of a fashion blogger design and she shared this experience, which completely changes the reason for the link (and the text context would be clear the naturalness).

Citing the example link placement, it may be noted that we chose to have the link the company name, “Displaying Digital” as more natural and important. This is part of a major change from the current link building: brands have gained increasing strength in the Google algorithm. Included is highly recommended that most of the links that the domain gets to be the anchor tag, more than any other term.

Today, with Google changes the is safe to say that even a link tagged “nofollow” (display Google to “not follow” the page and not spending authority) also delivers value, and the very mention of the mark in a text without the link, provided with the right context.

Care when working with Link Building

Working with link building requires care and dedication and there are very few agencies or people who really understand the subject. There are hundreds of professionals who claim to do this job safely, but before you hire them ask for a demonstration of the links that they have built, how the choice of blogs and websites is done to create the backlink, the form of monitoring and control of results.

On top of that, ask if they charge for monthly or set up links. It is very common that impact not only on price but also on quality. If the agency chooses to charge for links, the more she does the more it wins, but may not always be of high quality links and context.

Those that charge a monthly basis are much more likely to deliver almost always a smaller amount of links, but with much more quality and context for your business. Obviously there are exceptions in both cases, but further research is never enough. All this makes a difference.

Also question whether the agency makes other types of link building outside the traditional Guest Post. That’s a big difference and can further accelerate results with this strategy.

Another precaution is to understand how the agency makes the approach to get the links. There are companies who contact as follows:

“Hi Tom, I am contacting representing Digital Results and like to write a guest post on your blog with a link to my company.”

Of course it can be more or less smooth, but this is a way to severely hinder the company’s reputation with bloggers and media outlets. Is prevented to ensure that does not happen.

If you choose to do internally, make sure you create safe guidelines for people who will do this role, looking for articles and examples to create these links without risk.

A very important tip: do not create links only with perfect anchors, as already mentioned earlier in this text. This can be very detrimental to your site if Google suspect you are trying to manipulate their algorithm.

Example URL: www.qualquersite.com.br/bola-de-futebol

  • Perfect anchor – “Football” – Use very little.
  • Partial Anchor – “Buy Football Online” – Use with caution.
  • Anchor brand – “Any Site” – Use ALWAYS.
  • Random anchor – “this site”, “this link”, “here” – use little.
  • URL anchorwww.qualquersite.com.br/bola-de-futebol  – use frequently.

Always try to maintain a balance in the types of anchors in the backlinks profile of your website, and the perfect anchor should always have a much lower percentage than the other types. This distribution gives the impression of a profile of natural backlinks and conquered over time.

Link building it’s hard

Link building is really difficult to be done with great quality. It demands considerable time professionals to contact, write content the right way and put the links course in the text.

You must also have experience to analyze this text and which blog or website it will be posted, measure results and keep an eye on proportion of anchors that were used, look natural or not.

Along with such care with anchors, never use the same content more than once on different websites. That’s too bad in Google’s eyes, creates duplicate content and the chances of your site being penalized for spamming is much higher.

Put links on quality sites. Make sure it does not do any form of link exchange or make some kind of spam. See also the domain metrics are good, if he has enough share on social networks and the site of the context has to do with your business. All of this influence in the evaluation and choice of starting a relationship with that blog or not.

Putting into practice the Link Building

Now that we know what is link building, how it was made and where it is evolving, we will learn to put into practice. To start, you need to get a sense of how to make a research keyword. We have a free eBook that will help in this process: eBook ‘Search Keywords for Search Tools

The idea is to assess first what terms are priorities and have greater potential for generating business for your company. After you evaluate what the ideal page of the site to be well positioned for that term and then seek links to that page and also for the domain as a whole.

Identified the terms and pages, the next step is to select the right kind of website or blog where you want to create this link. For this we can follow some simple steps that help enough when choosing.

You can search on Google for your business theme and separate some results, you can ask for references to known or can use tools like Similar Sites to find similar sites to yours.

With a list of sites, blogs and hands on portals:

  1. Rate is indicated in the list has the same context for your business.
  2. Check the relevance of this site, or if it has unique and quality content, it does not have many banners advertising and what field strength (use Open Site Explorer for the domain).
  3. See if the threads of history if there are posts of guests, if he quotes frequently posts from other sites or share infographics, for example. Each of these cases may be an opening for your business.
  4. Use tools like MajesticSEO (paid option, there is a free tool for this) to see if they have more links pointing to the website or leaving it. This is important because, if the site has more links pointing to it than otherwise, is proof that it offers good content and that many people have wanted to share.
  5. Check the number of shares share (numbers fans and followers on social networks) that means the site has influence and people really follow the news of the site.

This are the first steps to choose a website or blog as a priority to try a link. In a future post deepen me more on how to choose and analyze these blogs.

Always avoid the cold approaches to these sites. The paths that indicated below are those that tend to work better today.

6 Tips Link Building

After learning what is link building, find the right words, analyze the competition and find opportunities, let’s put our hands dirty.

In this part we will go through 6 link building tips that can be applied from now.

1 – Guest Posting

As the name implies, is posting on a blog of another person or company as a guest. This tactic was and is still used by many professionals and agencies.

At first it was a fever of emails being sent with generic text calling for a guest post or being still more direct, asking for a link in the blog. After a few years Google understood this dynamic and often fight against this type of spam.

But today  it is possible to make this tactic work . Instead of emailing out for every opportunity he found, the focus is on finding quality sites and build relationships slowly.

Enter the blog, leave comments, interact with the public that blog, follow the blog and the author on Twitter, take on RT’s important tweets, follow it on Facebook, follow the close of posts and interact. Offline events are also great for this approach.

If you have a skill that can help in some way, offer to help without asking anything in return.

With time and when this relationship is improving, you can suggest writing a post about some opinions that relate to the blog. Put some links in this post, including their need (taking great care with the anchor text, and natural as indicated earlier) and wait for the blogger’s review.

Remember to write a unique content and high quality, interesting to the audience in it and not a promotion your company.

If your post is published, do not stop to maintain the relationship with the author, continue interacting and who knows you do not put a link to it on your blog as well? You can spring some sort of partner, professional contact or business with the simple idea of ​​a guest post.

One important thing is NEVER offer money in exchange for a link. This is highly dangerous and will 100% against Google’s policies. genuine relationships and seek to generate value fact work because they are good for everyone: users, Google, your business and the other site.

Marketing Co-2-

Here in the blog Digital Results already talked Co-Marketing: What Is Co-Marketing and how to use to amplify their results .

This is a very good strategy. Getting links with Co-Marketing will not exactly against Google policies. They are simply two companies acting together for distribution of some rich material, webinar or eBooks.

Here at Digital results do quite Co-Marketing and has worked very well for all sides involved.

Examples of Co-Marketing are:

  • “Content Marketing Results for: aligning content to the sales funnel” – eBook with Rock Content
  • “Marketing and Sales Tricks of the fastest growing companies in Brazil” – Hangout with RunRun.it and Rock Content and Startupi.
  • eBook Digital Marketing for Entrepreneurs – eBook with Endeavor.

All of these materials have been published on their respective blogs and replicated by dozens of other blogs of the same niche, generating many natural backlinks.

3 – Infographics

Infographics work very well for generating backlinks. Here at Digital Results already used a few times and got good results.

As they work to generate backlinks? After creating the infographic, leave a code “embed” at the end and send the post infographic to subscribers of your feed or newsletter. It will spread naturally, if it is good quality and relevant information.

If you already have relationships with any website that can benefit you can avail quick hello by email indicating the content.

But creating an infographic expensive, right? Not really. There are some websites to create free infographics. Create and tests with the audience that will interact with this type of post.

The most famous of them is the Infogr.am .

Sample infographic infgr.am

4 – Social Media

You may be thinking “But Google said social media has no impact on the organic search.” That’s not entirely true. First because there are correlation tests that indicate that social media really make a difference for SEO and your website as a whole.

The own Matt Cutts (Head Anti-Spam Google) has said links on Twitter, for example, count as a link like any other. Just as it is to imagine that a +1 on your Google Plus page, or in your article, should have a significant bearing on the ranking of your pages.

Now, even if those links do not have a very large direct impact (correlation tests do not necessarily indicate the cause), but there is at least an indirect impact.

Imagine that you have a high quality content, with depth and valuable information. It generated hundreds or even thousands of shares, people accessing your site and interacting with the post in the comments. That would be great, right?

This is the impact of Social Media, thousands of people talking about the same subject, tens or hundreds of blogs by creating backlinks to your article, shares of all parties, Facebook, Twitter and what is possible.

And what about the metrics of your page? The bounce rate decreases, it gains authority to the issue at hand, earn backlinks that help in the field of strength and not only the page, and when you realize, several other pages gained strength and positions in Google rankings.

To illustrate this point, I will use a study of Neil Patel of Quick Sprout .

Here is a screenshot of BuzzSumo showing the most shared articles from Search Engine Land site.

Sceenshot the BuzzSumo

  • The first has 15,172 shares.
  • The second has 10,318 shares.
  • The third has 8,868 shares.

Now, as these Social Shares become backlinks?

The first article has 18,310 backlinks from 461 different domains.

The second has 5,017 backlins 461 different domains.

The third has 2,626 backlinks from 385 different domains.

Example majesitcSEO backlinks

We’re talking about articles that have backlinks from different places, but they are for the same domain. Imagine the value that these articles alone did not bring to the entire domain.

yes there is a correlation with the number of shares share with the number of backlinks earned by each of these items.

And citing Neil Patel “Many SEO analysts say you should make your links naturally. I really agree, but that does not mean that people will find great content from scratch, you need to be there promoting it actively. “

Sponsor your posts on Facebook, Twitter and disclose where else makes sense. Be active in the distribution of that content.

5 – Grow naturally and with high quality content

Here at Digital Results we are assiduous practitioners of Inbound Marketing and we have several posts about it: it is all of our company philosophy and how we have guided our content and our day to day.

Our philosophy is to attract people to use our software or our services without getting actively behind them, but making them come to us with their problems and difficulties through our content and our knowledge.

It’s not easy getting to that point takes time and effort, but very worth it. Today our growth is based on our articles and people interested in what we do here, without being pushing a service that she does not need or are not interested.

This led us to win many backlinks naturally. Our greatest asset link building is quality content that people really are interested in sharing with their world.

A good content that explains well this dynamic and displayed on the Whiteboard Friday Moz: Building a Flywheel Marketing (in English).

Briefly he says that all the efforts we have the beginning of a business to get it to actually turn and walk alone are worth. He also gives some examples of how this applies in the digital marketing .

6 – Press Office

This strategy is part of the future of link building. If your company has the ability to hire or retain a PR, it’s time to use it for link building work.

press offices always have contact with the major portals and blogs of the target market also know how anyone how to fit the company in the most appropriate formats for each channel.

As we speak, the strength of the brand has been an increasingly important factor and the appearance of large vehicles, even without the link, can help a lot.

Use this strategy to launch of major products, news relevant to your niche market, events, etc.

The cost may be a bit high, but the return is proportional or greater.


Well, if you managed to get here must be thinking, “Ok, I read and learned about link building, but in the end, worth it or not?”. The responta is: very worth it.

Despite being laborious and relatively high cost of resources and time, it is still an excellent strategy to accelerate your results with SEO and further increase sales and organic visits.

The link building is evolving every day and always have to be alert Google updates, punishments and new ideas to get those links.

In a next post, I will write about the future of link building and maybe a few more advanced tips to win more and more quality links.

If left any questions, suggestions or criticism, leave a comment below and we will reply as soon as possible. This type of interaction only provides us growth together.