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Understanding how Google works

One of the first steps to success with Digital Marketing is basically to understand how Google works in relation to indexing sites. Even before working with […]

Change in Google: title tag will also be applied to image results

You investing in keyword , also influences the rate of clicks, since this is the title that you will read in Google results. In this regard, […]

5 Rich Snippets Techniques to Increase Your Business CTR in Search

You know the phrase: “If you are not on the first page of Google, you do not exist on the Internet”? Well, the idea may be […]

The SEO Secrets Revealed by Vitor Peçanha at #RDSummit

You still underestimate the power of a blog to generate business? You think it’s too much work and that does not yield the expected results for […]

Do social networks influence the SEO of a website?

This is a very common question for anyone working with SEO site? The question is understandable, for how Google’s algorithm determines the placement of websites in […]

Site speed: Learn how to test and make your page faster

It is true that the average speed of the Internet in Brazil is far from good. According to Akamai’s internet speed report, made in 2016, Brazil […]