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After all, has SEO died or not died?

The death of SEO has already been announced several times in the specialized media and has always been the agenda of posts, educational materials and seminars […]

Tag Hreflang: what it is and how to use it in websites for different languages and countries

Hreflang is an alternate tag, included in the code of the pages of a website to indicate to Google that content has versions in different languages […]

Google Website Builder: New tool for small businesses to create their sites for free

Google launched its own website building tool that works inside the Google My Business and allow small businesses to create and edit your pages simple way. […]

12 Tips to Win Tanned on Your Facebook Page

  Every beginning work on a canal in Digital Marketing is a bit difficult. So it is with a blog, with a profile on Twitter, with […]

What is semantic search and how to use it in content production?

If you studied communication, it is likely that the term semantics refers to college classes. Or, the Portuguese classes at school. However, in addition to the […]

Mobilegeddon: Is your website ready?

If your site has only one version and that is not responsive or tailored for mobile phones, get ready. He may be on borrowed time, at […]