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5 examples of A / B tests you can apply this week

Make measurable experiments is one of the main advantages of Digital Marketing . After all, it is through them that we can find possibilities for improvement […]

Google Keyword Planner is limiting data for some advertisers: how to get around the situation

A good research of keywords can be the difference between your site appears on the first page of Google or on the following page. In this […]

Generation of Leads: 10 types of excellent baits to produce now

Lead generation is the beginning of Inbound Marketing strategy with traffic generation tactics to attract visitors and educational materials to convert those visitors into Leads. Thus, […]

Why it’s not worth copying third-party content

Companies that follow good practices producing content is essential for good results online . The problem is that this task is not easy. You have to […]

Fanpage on Facebook: What it is and why your business should have a

Today is something quite common and almost everyone who has a Facebook account can differentiate one fanpage a profile. However, we still see many companies are […]

Remarketing in Google AdWords: Creating campaigns and lists to generate more conversions

Remarketing is an online advertising technique that displays ads to users who have had contact with the brand, such as access to the site. To create […]