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The marketing tools we use in Digital Results

As much of professional digital marketing , I am an enthusiast tools . I like to research, test and use several of them. Especially in digital […]

Should I bid on my own name?

Too often received this question from our customers: “In Adwords or Bing Ads, I bid on behalf of my own company?”. At first glance the most […]

7 Simple and Effective Tips to Increase Organic Outreach on Facebook

Posts without tanned, diminishing numbers and comments fall in shares. The result? Fan Pages with smaller enrollments and fewer people being affected by the posts. But […]

What Your Business Needs to Know About New Facebook Pages

Update: In July 2016, the new Facebook pages have been modified again. We did this new post on the subject so that you stay up to […]

How to use a LinkedIn Company Page to advertise your business

LinkedIn has come a long way. For years, it was known only as a platform to post resumes and search for jobs online. Much has changed […]

8 Mistakes You Might Be Committing When Starting In Digital Marketing

Get a Digital Marketing strategy results is still a novelty for most companies. Since the method is relatively new, there is still much to be adapted […]