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Direct from the Experts: Digital Marketing Tips and Good Beers for 2016

End of the year is a great time to meet friends. For those who are fascinated with the work and can not evade the issue, find […]

Custom tabs and Facebook applications: when they work and how to use

Abas (or applications) are those little windows that appear just below the page’s cover photo. By default, Facebook offers five options of them: photos, tanned, events, videos […]

Instagram Ads: 9 tips to make a good campaign

Before we talk about Instagram Ads , we contextualize a bit the strength of this social network. Your company already has a profile on Instagram? The […]

The CRO cycle: how to optimize page conversion

Who works with Digital Marketing certainly already have seen the term CRO several times there. In a free translation, the term means Conversion Optimization and consists […]

[Tutorial full] How to make an infographic in 5 simple steps

“This business of having to produce content and still edit the material is too complicated” . I heard this phrase in several versions over my work […]

Facebook launches new layout for fan pages: see changes X-ray

We talked about on the blog of the changes made by Facebook in the layout of fan pages in 2012 and in 2014 . More recently, […]