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How to send a message to everyone who likes your fan page

Update: Facebook chose to remove this functionality, with the intention of reducing the number of spam. There are more, so ways to send a message to […]

Black Friday: 11 last-minute actions to sell more on date

It’s almost Black Friday ! One of the key dates for Brazilian ecommerces takes place on November 24 and is expected to generate R $ 2.5 […]

Persona: how and why to create one for your company

Who works with marketing, advertising or already announced in the media was certainly ever asked about who the target audience of the company. This is because […]

Do you know about Facebook Insights for websites?

A few days ago we published an article here explaining the differences between a profile and a fan page on Facebook . Today we continue with […]

What are Digital Marketing channels and why should I analyze them?

marketing and sales channels, in general, are the means used by companies to reach their potential customers. This definition is quite general, but it is important […]

4 tips from Maryna Hradovich to master mobile search #RDSummit

You may even think that mobile devices are not affecting the results of your business, but it is probably wrong. A lot has changed (and changing). […]