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How many visits does my site need to succeed?

Analyze results and metrics is always an interpretation exercise. After all, how do you know if those indicators are good? Of course, good results do not […]

Adwords ad extensions: how to use and what they’re for

Who works with sponsored links knows that every detail is important to win the first positions and make the desired conversion. The description of the ad […]

Como rastrear Facebook Ads no Google Analytics

If you usually do online campaigns in several ad formats with Facebook Ads and generate traffic to your site, then you need to measure the impact […]

Understanding your site’s top traffic sources

Web Analytics will indicate that visitors may have found you through a search engine, like Google, may already know your site and enter directly or can […]

Facebook Instant Articles: what is and how to set up your website

Have you ever given up on opening a Facebook link on their phone because it took too long to load? I have. And it was not […]

Sales Funnel: what it is, what it is for and how to put it together

sales funnel is a reprentação of the steps that a potential customer goes from the first contact with the company until the close of the sale. […]