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6 Tips For Writing Introductions Of Attractive Posts

“Clear thinking becomes clear writing: one does not exist without the other,” according to the writer William Zinsser. Thus, if you have clarity on all the […]

How the Facebook algorithm works, according to Facebook

Whenever announces an update or test their ranking algorithm, Facebook lets apprehensive of the whole world marketers. That’s because most of the companies are in the […]

Preparing a Stream on YouTube Live

As already published here on the blog , Google announced in August 2016 the end of the Hangouts On Air and suggested that the tool was […]

Facebook changes algorithm and gives more space to long videos: learn how your page can be impacted

Facebook announced changes in the way their algorithm shows videos on the online users’ time. In a statement posted on its blog, the social network said […]

Web push notifications: understand what they are, how they work and learn how to configure using Pushcrew

Web Push Notifications Notifications are displayed in browsers (such as Chrome and Firefox) and originates from the app notifications on mobile devices. When you access a […]

Is it possible to generate Leads with videos on Youtube?

Yes! The answer is simple and straightforward, and it may be much easier than it seems. All you need, however, is a video, a YouTube channel […]