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How to create an effective Facebook page to promote your business and multiply your sales

The most important social network of our time in terms of size and relevance is Facebook. For that reason, all businesses that want to take advantage […]

Video marketing to power! 7 tips to post videos on Facebook that will make your audience fall in love

Buyer person: why should every marketer or should he develop it in his work?

In the previous article we develop the importance of Storytelling for image building and branding , and also to strengthen the relationship with our customers / […]

Frequency guide to publish on Social Networks

There are several aspects you should consider if you want to communicate your suggestions to your audience so effectively . In addition to organizing your Social […]

Influencer Marketing: what is it and how can you take advantage of it to multiply your sales?

In recent years it has entered the advertising world a phenomenon that is becoming increasingly more strongly : we refer to Influencer Marketing . But what […]

Social Media Strategy: 6 Simple Steps to Bomb on the Web

You may have already heard of the presence of a brand on Social Networks: your target audience is online , waiting for you. Well note: many there are your […]