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Videos on Facebook Live: how to make live videos step by step and 7 tips to make them a success within your social media strategy

– Step 2: Once there you will see several options, including ‘ live video’ . Check to start setting up your Facebook Live transmission. Step 3: […]

5 Essential Qualities of a Social Media Manager

Many people from that eventhough believe (country, friends, acquaintances and even strangers) the work of a Social Media Manager is much more complex than that “in talking fying […]

How to Design an Updated and Effective Social Media Plan

Hundreds of companies and businesses have an interesting presence in social networks . However, many of them still not clear what is your strategy in this […]

The 12 Best Digital Marketing Blogs You Should Be Started Following

Undoubtedly, it works with those who feel constant pressure by keeping up-to-date on the two consumer trends , more EFFECTIVE PRODUCTION markets and ways to achieve results of communication […]

Inbound Marketing: What it is and how to make the most of this strategy by integrating it into your Social NetworksWhat is Inbound Marketing?

What is Inbound Marketing? Inbound Marketing is a methodology composed for 4 actions that each in one, pillars and tools considers that provide results for companies. […]

How changes in the Facebook algorithm have affected the pages that follow a Content Marketing strategy

As we all know, changes in the algorithm Facebook are almost constant and most of the time, unnoticeable. However, some important changes to the Facebook algorithm […]