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What is the role of the editor on your company’s blog?

Keeping a blog producing quality content is not an easy task. Having a frequency of weekly or daily posts about your niche requires effort, time, and dedication. And how to […]

Do you take advantage of all the business opportunities generated by a blog?

Many companies already understand the importance of being relevant and make a great effort in producing content can realize that they are actually attracting more visitors […]

3 reasons not to use a free domain to host your blog

The first step that a company needs to start working with Digital Marketing is to create a digital presence, even if it is as small as […]

How to create an interesting blog for your company

Some companies have discovered how to harness the benefits of a blog, but many others are still skating while maintaining a content oriented sections  press releases […]

SEO Tip # 25: Keep up with updates and news on SEO sites and blogs

Google and SEO are changing all the time. So, not to be left behind, it is very important to always be aware of the news. One […]

Step by step: what to do before, during, and after posting a post

Who works with frequent production of content for a blog certainly has made many times by the situation of forgetting some important step in the publication […]