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Call to Action: Everything you need to know

Call to Action is a call to action, very common on websites, emails and advertisements, telling the user what should be done. Usually a Call to […]

Golden Tips for Using Instagram and WhatsApp Professionally: Interview with Ana Tex at Studio RD Summit

If you use WhatsApp or Instagram as tools Digital Marketing for your business, this video is for you. These are two of the social networks most […]

How To Be Found On The Internet And Increase Online Sales In Your Ecommerce

  This may be your question and the many people who have a shop and have the responsibility to make the financial turn, the sale of […]

4 tips to make your Facebook posts more attractive

If your company has a page on Facebook , you’ve probably noticed that the number of people actually click on your links is much smaller than […]

10 quick and practical tips to make your company’s Instagram more attractive

Instagram hit the milestone of 800 million users in 2017 and is the second social network most used in Brazil, second only to Facebook. Research shows […]

Write a post that is successful is often unpredictable. We have had some texts we expected them to become big hits and bad have been read. […]