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The importance of having a consolidated contact base to take the next steps and increase sales

Who works with marketing and sales know how it is common to hear “no” when trying to sell a product or service. When a vendor approaches […]

Webwriting: How to Write Better in Posts and Websites

Last month we published in our Slideshare presentation that included important aspects of writing for the web, which is better known as webwriting . We decided […]

Multipotentiality: who said you need to be one?

Lift up your hand if you ever heard as a child that old question “what do you want to be when you grow up?” . I […]

7 reasons why it’s still worth using Twitter as a marketing tool

Twitter turned fever in Brazil when it was released – at the time, the word “tweet” has come to join the dictionary. But since 2013 the […]

What Are The Free SEO Off-Page Strategies?

OffPage Optimization OffPage optimization is a sub-discipline of search engine optimization. The goal is to influence those ranking factors that express the position and importance of a […]

The Important Affordable SEO Points For A Website

Affordable SEO Optimization for Search Engines Optimization for search engines, it increases the visibility and relevance of your site, bringing a great increase of visits at low […]